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Karumuna Bash



Karumuma Bash are very protective of their territory. First seen in the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate, these reaverbots are seen napping quietly in their room. These reaverbots instantly leap into action when a digger enters their space, attacking with a violent ferocity!

The Karumuna Bash look pretty much like robotic dogs. They come in three colors Red, Navy Blue, and Gray. Unlike the Blumebears, there is no real difference between the three dogs. They are initially fought as bosses in Clozer Woods, interrupting a rather interesting conversation about digging, but they later reappear in the Main Gate as separate reavers. They drop a rather nice amount of zenny when defeated as well.

Dealing With It

The Karumuna Bash can be rather overwhelming when first encountered. 3 dogs attacking at once can be a lot to manage, but they aren’t the toughest enemy in the game, either. Constant movement really makes this battle a lot easier.

Karumuna Bash likes to run around a lot, lunging at you every so often. As long as you keep moving you can avoid this. Sometimes it will also jump back and fire a flamethrower at you. The flame is constant, but you can aoid it by simply staying back. The trick is to take them out one-by-one, which makes the battle a lot easier. Staying out of their immediate range is key for survival.

Coming In For A Landing

Overall, Karumuna Bash was a pretty noteworthy and memorable reaver in MML1, and that theme was pretty awesome as well! As a bit of trivia, these reaverbots (along with the dogs in MM2) are based on Casshern’s dog, Friender, of Tatsunoko fame. I give these guys a9/10!

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