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King Miroc

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(Screenshot courtesy of Mega Man Legends Station)


The appropriately named King Miroc can be found lurking in the depths of Pokte Caverns and Kito Caverns. It’s not exactly hard to miss, as this reaverbot stands taller than Mega Man himself!

King Miroc is a very passive reaverbot, only attacking diggers that venture too close or otherwise pose a threat to its safety. When provoked, this golden reaverbot uses an identical pattern to the Miroc in the first game. It skates around the room, lunging itself at an opponent when it gets close. Unlike a regular-sized Miroc, the damage inflicted is HUGE thanks to the much larger body size.

Above all else, this reaverbot is known for the extremely generous sum of zenny that it drops upon defeat. In Pokte Caverns, you can destroy King Miroc, collect zenny, leave the room, come back, and the reaverbot respawns! This makes for a very easy method of grinding zenny, especially so early in the game. This means that a player can approach Tron with a fully upgraded Homing Missile if they so desire. Note that King Miroc does not respawn in the PSP version of the game.

Dealing With It

King Miroc goes on the attack when you get close, so your best bet is to nail it from a distance. Despite the size of its body, King Miroc CAN be picked up with the Lifter, and throwing it is recommended after knocking it down with a few buster shots. After being knocked down and thrown, you can finish off the reaverbot with a single shot, allowing you to collect your reward.

It’s worth noting that there’s a room in Kito Caverns that has a Sukaritt standing next to a King Miroc. Take out the skirt reaver first; if you destroy King Miroc, Sukaritt will go after the huge pile of zenny that’s on the floor. Unless you have the Vacuum Arm on hand, you’re gonna miss out on a lot of cash.

Think before you act…

Coming In For A Landing

King Miroc is known above all else for the sheer utility it has. Being able to fund some of the more expensive upgrades in the game is in no small part thanks to this guy. Beyond that, I really like the idea of ‘giant’ versions of smaller reaverbots existing beneath the ruin. It’s a concept that I would have liked to see done with a few more of the existing enemies. I give a King Miroc a solid gold 9/10!

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