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120 (B), 189 (A), 200 (S)


Koni’s a pretty small reaverbot that’s only found in the blazing ruins of Saul Kada. These reaverbots are only seen a few times in a few select rooms in the ruin, as well as making an appearance when you first reach said ruin. They tend to loiter about in a couple of rooms when you’re off unlocking doors, they play a key role in stopping the lava flow, and a couple are seen near the entrance of the ruin after you’ve cleared it.

These little guys don’t really do much offensively. They can roll into you headfirst, but there’s not much to it besides that. They don’t even drop any zenny when killed, so there’s not any reason to fight them aside from knocking down a rather large stalactite.

Dealing With It

All you need to do is throw them. Stunning them with a few buster shots beforehand is a good idea; it knocks them over to make picking them up much easier. When trying to take out the rock with Tron & Bon’s help, it’s better to use your buster to stun them. Tron & Bon only pick up stunned Koni, and this helps you to avoid the risk of mistiming a throw and eating damage.

Koni also die on contact with lava.

Coming In For A Landing

Koni’s certainly a unique little fellow, but outside of the design I just don’t find him memorable at all. Aside from being used as Lifter fodder (for 3 different characters, I might add), it didn’t really have any reason to show up at all. The lack of zenny dropped really doesn’t help, either. Koni gets a 3/10 from me.

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