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512 [MML1]
32 (B), 60 (A), 130 (S) [MML2]


Kuruguru (a.k.a. Guruguru) is one of the more easily recognized reaverbots in the series. It’s rather short, has a mostly flat body, and is rather unattractive. They seem to have an insect-like design, given it’s shape and the little legs protruding out of it. They’re a pretty universal reaver as well, appearing on pretty much every island in the series (not counting MoTB) barring Calinca & Forbidden Island.

Behavior-wise, it generally walks (crawls?) at a slow pace until it spots an intruder, in which case it proceeds to bodily ram it’s newly found target with extreme prejudice. They can be extremely aggressive, ramming themselves into you (or possibly a wall) repeatedly until it’s destroyed or otherwise detained. Kuruguru is also immune to damage when standing normally, but it can be flipped over on it’s backside, making it vulnerable to attacks. It can re-calibrate itself after it takes enough punishment, though.

Dealing With It

Kuruguru is quite the nuisance, but thankfully, it’s not too hard to take out. The easiest method of flipping them over is giving them a simple kick, or a toss with the Lifter if you’re dealing with Kuruguru. A few other weapons can flip it as well; the Shield Arm (MML1), Blade Arm (MML2), and Drill Arm (MML2) are all capable of doing this, and a rapid flurry of buster shots will do the same. From there you can proceed to attack it, but it will flip back onto it’s proper side after it takes enough damage, so you’ll have to repeat yourself.

I should also note that these guys are 50% more annoying underwater. Given the slowness of your movement (not so much on the PSP version), it becomes that much more easier for you to get hit. You can use the Lifter to catch one if it’s coming your way and hopefully toss it at something else, but you really should exercise caution as you do not want these guys bulldogging you in those conditions!

Coming In For A Landing

Kuruguru is certainly one of the more common reaverbots, and is also one of the more annoying ones, particularly in MML2. They do set the whole “dark & mysterious” atmosphere pretty well, though, and they also got to star in the S-License exam. I can’t say I’m too fond of their design, though, as I find them rather creepy. Kuruguru gets a 5/10 from me.

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