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The Legends 2 Remake Wishlist – Filling In The Gaps

Unlike the previous entry for the first Legends game, I’d like to go over game-play fixes in a series of articles. This allows me to go more in depth while I talk about the issues that I’d like to see changed in a remake of this game. So without further ado…

A Change in Scope

The first Legends game takes place on Kattelox Island, a locale that the player grows more familiar with as they progress through the game. The player isn’t just collecting treasure while protecting the local citizens from the advances of the Bonne Family, they’re also striking up friendships with local kids, helping a curator populate her museum with cool artifacts, acting as a willing participant on game shows, and helping the police force solve different cases. These sidequests really get the player engaged to the residents of the island, and it really helps add to the game’s sense of charm. By the time you’ve defeated Juno and said your goodbyes, you really do feel like you’ll miss the people that live on the island. It’s a very strong point of the game, boosting the replayability immensely.

“They were really nice people!”

Legends 2, does things a bit differently. Instead of all of the action taking place on one single island, you’re given multiple islands to trek through as you search for the keys to the Mother Lode. On one hand, this is great! MML1 established that the world is “covered by endless water”, and now we get to see what this looks like. This comes with a downside, however. Because less time is spent on each island, the player isn’t really given the opportunity to explore them as thoroughly. This leaves the majority of the game’s locales feeling either unfinished or unmemorable…or both. In a proper remake of Legends 2, I’d like a larger scope for the islands. This leaves each island with a stronger identity, and also gives the player more to do.

Seek and You Shall Find

One of the biggest issues I have with Legends 2’s island design is the abundance of wasted space. I’m looking at islands like Calbania, Saul Kada, and to a smaller extent, Yosyonke. You’ve got these spacious areas to run around in, but with no real reward for exploration. At the most, you’ll find a small sub-ruin that houses some items and a boss. Adding a bit of padding in terms of hidden items or a few extra places to explore would be a nice treat. A few more A/S-Rank only ruins would also give the license tests more of a purpose.

I’d also like to see more nods towards the history of each island. Yosyonke and Forbidden Island kinda do this with the legend of the goddesses, but the others don’t have much to work with. Clues that the player can find are all that is needed. MML1 foreshadowed Juno’s encounter in a very subtle way. Kattelox Island had library books, paintings, and conversations with islanders to look at. The clues let the player know that there was a rumored “legendary disaster”. At the same time, you aren’t given the “aha” moment until you reach the core of the Main Gate. I wouldn’t mind seeing more backstory on certain island staples, like Kimotoma’s statue, Nino’s defense force, Calbania’s relative desolation, and Pokte’s government structure.

Meet & Greet

No nitrites added!

Sidequests were a great opportunity to bond with different islanders while you took a break from the main quest. Legends 2 doesn’t really have much of this; the closest thing you get to that are collecting quiz items, giving Shu educational materials so that they can write to you (this one is pretty cool, actually), and handing a pig to a girl on Nino Island. Aside from that, you don’t really get to bond with the NPCs, and it contributes to each island feeling a bit shallow. Here are a few ideas for side quests that I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Help repair Kimotoma City after the Bonnes wreck it. This gives you more of the city to explore upon completion.
  • Additional license tests provided by the Digger’s Guild. These would test your proficiency in a variety of scenarios.
  • A Yosyonke citizen misplaced something on Forbidden Island before they passed out, and asks you to check for it.
  • Johnny wants your help in strengthening Nino’s defenses, asking you to find parts.
  • One of the Servbots on the Sulfur Bottom needs a favor
  • The bar on Yosyonke wants to attract business, asking you to pick up a hot recipe from Nino’s restaurant.

These are only a few ideas, but they give the player more to do, along with giving each island more of an identity. They also solve another issue that I hadn’t initially thought of. There are now more ways to become “Light MegaMan” that don’t involve donating money. Hooray!


Mega Man Legends 2 is a fun game at its core, and these tweaks would only strengthen the replay value. Tune in next time as we continue to dig deeper! As always, your comments are appreciated!

sig~Buster Cannon

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