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The Legends 2 Remake Wishlist – Weapon Changes

As we did with MML1, this entry will focus on modifying the special weapons in Mega Man Legends 2.


I feel like Legends 2’s weapons are a bit more balanced overall than the prequel. While there are some weaker options, the majority of them all serve a purpose and only need a few tweaks for them to really shine. Like with the MML1 entry, my goal is to push the lower ranked weapons into a place of usability. Let’s get started!

Weapon Changes

Machine Gun Arm

  • Very minor damage boost
  • Clip of shots increased from 8 to 50
  • Number of total shots available (ENERGY) increased at all levels

This is the first offensive weapon that you receive, and it’s completely overshadowed by the Homing Missile. I want to change that. You no longer have to stop firing after a small number of shots, and each shot is a little more effective. These changes make the weapon feel more like a machine gun, along with being more of a fun weapon to use overall.

Aqua Blaster

  • ATTACK stat can now be upgraded
    • Increases water pressure so that smaller enemies can be pushed
    • Enemies can be pushed into other enemies
      • Deals similar damage to being thrown by the lifter
    • Deals no actual damage
    • Think Mario’s FLUDD from the Smash Bros. games
  • RANGE stat can now be upgraded
    • Water stream travels further
  • Water stream now interacts with a wide variety of objects
    • Fire Horokko can be put out
    • Fire left on the ground can be put out(see: Hover Gustaff)
    • Blocks fire-related attacks
    • Freezes minor enemies in cold environments
      • Calinca Outskirts/Ruins
      • Forbidden Island
      • Deals no damage, but stuns enemies

I wanted the Aqua Blaster to have more uses than just a mission or two. These changes allow for more utility and creativity when using the weapon.

Shield Arm

  • Shield now physically repels minor enemies
  • Shield now absorbs energy from ALL projectiles
  • Increased damage on shield release

This weapon is pretty lackluster, but making it so that all projectiles get absorbed gives you a real reason to pick it up. Slight boost to shield release damage means that it actually feels rewarding to absorb as many projectiles as you can. The fact that you get this late in the game is unfortunate, but at least you can take it to Sera now and have it do…something.

Reflector Arm

  • Increased damage
  • Shots now cleave through enemies
  • Range value now resets whenever the projectile hits a wall
    • starts out at 2
    • SPECIAL stat upgrades it to a max of 5
    • damage slightly increases with each rebound

This was a really hard one to figure out, but I did it. I wanted the Reflector Arm to be something fun and useful, but its current iteration was anything but. I had something like Rebound Striker or Gemini Laser in mind, but effective on a 3D playing field. These changes make it so that the wall-bouncing aspect is highlighted, and the fact that it can cleave through enemies allows for multiple hits. Well-aligned shots can even go through multiple enemies at a time! The range value only resets 5 times max as to prevent shots from staying on screen indefinitely.

Spread Buster

  • Damage increase
  • Energy increase
  • Range increase

This really didn’t need much. All-around buffs give it a little more value so that it’s not overshadowed.

Hunter Seeker

  • Damage increase for drone explosion

Minor buff


This concludes the Legends Remake Wishlist series! Hope you enjoyed reading!

~AquaTeamV3/Buster Cannon

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