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They cancelled what?

The news that MML3 has been cancelled has no doubt been a real shock to fans of the series. I’ve intentionally waited a day before really saying anything substantial on this issue, as letting my head clear goes a long way to keeping me from saying something I might regret. Now that I’ve got a clearer grip on the issue, I’ll toss my $0.02 onto the table and weigh in.

First of all, yes, I am upset at the recent turn of events. This isn’t just an issue of an announcement being cancelled, this is something that people have waited on for 10 years, a project that had been actively using fan participation (myself included) to help further it. A lot of heart and soul was poured into this project, both from the fans and the dev team alike. For Capcom to just cancel it outright like this is a huge slap in the face, and quite unprofessional.

Legends 2 was the first Megaman game I had ever purchased (MM8’s the first one I played, if you’re curious), and it does hold some sentimental value at that. MML1 and MML2 both have a lot of heart, something that I don’t see replicated too often in a lot of games today. The different locations, memorable NPC’s, the level of polish, and gameplay still hold its own to this very day. The gameplay in particular always kept me interested; the different weapons and upgrades were always fun to play around with, and even now I like to find different applications for them and find their best situational use. And then of course, you’ve got all the little random stuff like talking to animals, jumping on cars, using reaverbots for flying purposes, and kicking cans into appropriate or inappropriate places. Legends certainly holds a lot of charm in so many aspects.

No doubt that the cancellation of such an amazing series has left us bitter, and how we react now may have a bigger impact than we realize. There’s lots of talk about boycotting Capcom and all, and I can’t say that I disagree with the emotions behind that, though I’m far too much of a Street Fighter fan to consider that anyway. That said, I don’t believe that a boycott and/or sending hate mail/images will really get anything solved. The main issue that stopped MML3 was a lack of support, and a hefty amount of support might get us headed towards making MML3 a reality (or at least get the prototype in the consumer’s hand). A single unified effort, as opposed to to a bunch of smaller ones, is bound to make more of an impact than anything else.

So far I’ve seen a Facebook petition and a Legends Station fan-art campaign. Making a concentrated effort is bound to do at least something for the community, and it’s certainly better than doing nothing about it.

Lastly, the Megaman fandom really needs to get more unified as a whole. It really doesn’t make sense for Megaman fans of one series to be rejoicing when a different one gets the boot. We’re all Megaman fans, so we should all try to support the franchise. You never know, it could be your series that needs help and you’d want all the support you could get in that situation. After all, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

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