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MML1: 448
MML2: 40 (B), 64 (A), 100 (S)


The Leopordo tank is certainly a staple of the Bonne’s Militia. These Servbot-piloted machines are first seen on Megaman’s journey to the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate, where you can see one of them destroying a (hopefully empty) police car. These are placed around various areas in the first game, including the fight with the Marlwolf. In MML2, a redesigned model is seen in a few places around Saul Kada during the Bonnes’ siege on it.

Leopordo’s arsenal isn’t too varied, as bombs and machine guns are standard fare. Like real tanks, these are capable of firing at you while moving, even if the lower section isn’t facing you. The attacks tend to vary given your distance, as a bomb shot will come out no matter what side¬†you are on, while the machine gun is used should you get right in front of it.

Dealing With It

These are best-taken care of when you aren’t facing the business ends of its weapons. You can actually ride on the MML1 version’s side; this not only keeps you safe but gives you an excellent place to attack from! The ones in MML2 don’t give you that luxury, so grabbing a long-ranged weapon and firing from that point is the way to go. Leopordos also attack in groups, so you’ve really got to stay sharp.

Coming In For A Landing

Leopordos are a memorable part of the Bonnes’ forces, and it’s certain that they’ll be back in MML3, more than likely with another design change. I’ll have to give these guys a 9/10, as they remain memorable yet challenging.

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