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Machine Buster

Machine Buster

Time Obtained: Early
Upgrade Cost: Moderate
Overall Grade: S

In this review we take a look at the Machine Buster, an example of how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Price Tag

Right after Megaman clears the Bonnes out of City Hall, the scrap parts of the Blumebears are tossed in the garbage and can be salvaged to create the Machine Buster. Upgrades aren’t too pricey, as the total costs add up to a moderate sum of 57,200z. Considering the fact that you get this so early, you can have it maxed out in fairly little time, especially once you gain access to Uptown and its minigames that pay very handsomely.

What it Does

The Machine Buster works exactly like it did when the Blumebears used it; it fires machine gun shots in whatever direction you point it at. While the individual shots are weak, the other attributes of this weapon more than make up for it. It can be used while moving, holds a maximum of 400 rounds, and is flexible enough to work at both close and long range combat. Upgrading the Special stat causes the bullets to fan out slightly as they are fired, allowing for a greater spread of damage at a long range.

Machine Buster

Is Roll Trying to Rip You Off?

The Machine Buster is easily the single most useful weapon in the game. Because you get it so early, you can have it fully upgraded halfway through the game and keep using it right up until the Juno fight. It’s essentially a second buster in the sense that it works anywhere and everywhere. The damage isn’t too high but the rate of fire easily supersedes that. The Machine Buster rates a perfect 10, as no other weapon grants you this amount of flexibility and utility so early in the game!

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