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Machine Gun Arm

Machine Gun Arm

Time Obtained: Very Early
Upgrade Cost: Moderately Low
Recharge Time: Quick
Overall Grade: C

A clear successor to the Machine Buster of the first game, the Machine Gun Arm is introduced early in Mega Man Legends 2. Let’s take a look at this bad boy:

Price Tag & Performance

Made from the Long Barrel and Broken Model Gun, the Machine Gun Arm is the first offensive weapon that you are introduced to, along with the Homing Missile. The upgrade cost totals out to 266,000z, which is moderately low. This allows you to start upgrading it as soon as you get your hands on it. Like its prequel counterpart, this appropriately-named weapon fires quick rounds travel at a much quicker speed in comparison to the standard buster. There’s also a more distinct visual appearance when compared to the Machine Buster. This weapon sports a little magazine on the side that lets out shell casings after being fired. Neat!

The Machine Gun Arm isn’t the most powerful weapon, instead relying on versatility. It’s upgradeable in every aspect outside of Special, and has a high level of flexibility. Like the buster, it can be used on the move and sports a high rate of fire that’s great for mobile targets. It holds quite a bit of energy, and while it’s not the most powerful thing around, a couple of Attack upgrades will have it hitting things a lot harder than you’d expect it to. As a matter of fact, this fares quite well against both Tron and the entirety of Manda Ruins.

Alas, the Achilles heel that plagues the Machine Gun Arm is pretty massive. Like most other special weapons in Legends 2, there are only so many shots before the weapon needs to recharge. Unfortunately, there’s a pesky limit of 8 shots before it overheats. Can you work around it? Sure. Still, after only 8 rounds, this constant interruption is an inconvenience that prevents you from truly taking advantage of what it has to offer.

Is Roll Trying To Rip You Off?

I really like the visual upgrade from the Machine Buster. Unfortunately, this special weapon is a tragic example of a single flaw ruining something that would be otherwise great. The damage, speed, and versatility are there, but the recharge time does a number in impeding its usefulness. The Machine Gun Arm gets a 5/10 from me. This weapon isn’t bad per say, but there’s no real reason to choose this over other weapons.

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