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Maiberu Haagen

384 (Red), 768 (Yellow)


Maiberu Haagen (MH for short) is found during the mission where you have to save city hall from the Bonnes forces. They are pretty-narrow minded and focus their attacks on important buildings, houses, and other parts of the landscape.

Appearance-wise, the MH are built like small bulldozers, with claws made to strike out at any target within range. In the official artbook, Teisel notes that these are smaller, mass-produced versions of the Marlwolf. This actually makes a lot of sense, as they share a lot of the same design attributes, give or take a few elements. These robots are deployed by the flying Horunisse, and can actually become a handful if you let them over-populate.

The MH come only with a single attack option, which consists of a rushing punch attack. This is mainly meant for buildings, but they will strike you if you are in between them and their target. As noted before, these mechs are rather simple, and will punch anything in sight that is a part of the city. It’s actually rather hilarious to watch these things go crazy on objects like trees and signposts! XD

Dealing With It

You really want to make sure that you don’t let these guys wreck any buildings, particularly City Hall, the Police Station, or the Bank. Loading them up with a barrage of close-range Splash Mines is a pretty good strategy. Taking out the Horunisse makes the mission that much less stressful, as they are the source of the MH. These guys aren’t really too tough, but they can be overwhelming if not dealt with promptly.

Coming In For A Landing

Overall, these mechs did a pretty good job at doing their part: abrasively trying to level City Hall. They weren’t overly difficult, and also did a good job of opening up for Bon. I give the Maiberu Haagen an 8/10!

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