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160 (B), 180 (A), 192 (S) [Forbidden Island Snow]
160 (B), 180 (A), 250 (S) [Forbidden Island – Running]
180 (B), 190 (A), 240 (S) [Kito Caverns]
150 (B), 200 (A), 230 (S) [Calinca Ruins]
200 (B), 250 (A), 255 (S) [Calinca Ruins]
??? [Calinca Ruins – Puzzle]


Mamoo’s certainly an intimidating fellow, first seen on the rather turbulent Forbidden Island. These guys appear from what seem to be harmless mounds of snow, and proceed to attack Megaman. Despite their size, Mamoo are actually quite fast, as they will charge you the second they get lined up. Should they miss, they’ll simply smack a wall, line themselves up again, and charge you once more. There’s actually a segment on Forbidden Island where an endless stream of them charges at you, and you’re forced to hide in the alcoves of the snowy valley.

While most Mamoo are vulnerable to your standard assortment of weapons, there’s a special variation deep within Calinca’s ruins that are impenetrable, and they must be corralled into inescapable pits in order to be stopped. Interestingly enough, they can die, although I forgot exactly what I did to pull that off. Needless to say, you’ll have trouble completing the puzzle if one of them dies, but you can simply exit and re-enter the room to make them re-spawn.

Dealing With It

Mamoo’s fairly simple to take care of. If you simply move out of the reaverbot’s line of sight, it’ll turn towards you in an attempt to re-calibrate it’s attack. As such, circling is a highly effective tactic, and paired with some heavy firepower, Mamoo will fall in short order.

Coming In For A Landing

Mamoo was a great design for a reaverbot. It was an extremely appropriate choice for the snowy tundra that was Forbidden Island, and it was nice to see it again in the minor ruins as well as Calinca’s Ruins. Hopefully if/when we get a sequel, we’ll see this guy again. Mamoo gets a 9/10 from me!

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