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Mandomantal is found in Nino Ruins, and is the only one of its species. This gentle giant swims around in its rather large room deep in the ruins, following a predetermined path. This peaceful reaverbot is the only creature of its kind that lives in this location, as the only other living thing you’ll find there are some fish that generally flee when they see you unless otherwise provoked. Mandomantal’s back is flat, which makes it perfect for riding on. This is actually a necessity, as you’ll need to use this to your advantage if you want the second Water Key, which ultimately leads to you gaining access to the Second Key to the “Mother Lode”.

In spite of its size, Mandomantal is pretty pacifistic; the only way you’ll get hit normally would be to accidentally bump into it in an attempt to climb upon it. That said, it will retaliate if it takes enough damage. Its attacks all come from its tail, which starts to glow at the tip when it’s had enough. Although it still swims in a predetermined pattern, it now fires a plethora of yellow sparks in an attempt to protect itself. It also fires a blue sphere-like projectile that explodes after a short period of time. If even more damage is inflicted on it, Mandomantal will crash and remain motionless on the ground.

It’s worth noting that Mandomantal does not appear when the ruins are drained.

Dealing With It

Really, there’s no good reason why you’d need to kill it (outside of boredom), let alone have trouble doing it. The yellow sparks are easy enough to avoid on their own, and the blue bomb has horrible accuracy; I’ve actually managed to stand still and have the thing completely avoid me. That said, all of its attacks come from behind, so staying near the front is the most effective way to kill it if you really want to avoid the potential of getting hit. Mandomantal’s not really a fighter, as he’s more concerned with getting away from you than killing you.

Coming In For A Landing

Overall, I think Mandomantal was an excellent reaverbot. The design was great and flowed with the overall theme of the ruin. The way the game gives you no reward for killing it was masterfully done. Here you have this gentle reaverbot that’s minding its own business, and you just come along and kill it. No explosions, zenny, or anything; it just sits there lifelessly as you wonder why you attacked it in the first place. Definitely one of my favorites, and manages to nab a perfect 10!

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