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Looking for all the world like something from Dr. Robotnik’s workshop, the Marlwolf sits in Clozer Woods digging away at the entrance of the ruins, making no actual progress. Once Megaman shows up, his focus is shifted towards you and he proceeds to attack with very powerful weaponry. Teisel is not necessarily alone in this fight, however. There are multiple tanks present in the fight, which can actually be a blessing in disguise if you need to heal.


Plasma Shot

The signature move of this monster. The startup of the move looks different depending on your location, but the end result is always the same. If you’re on the ground, the robot points both of it’s hands at you and fires two green shots. If you are on the upper level, he raises one hand and chucks one of these bad boys at you.

This easily becomes one of the most hated moves in the entire game, as being hit by one of these things will cost you your Life Shield, as well as a sizeable chunk of health. Rolling is the best way to go, as these things are semi-homing and may knock you out of a jump. Heck, sometimes Teisel gets eager and starts the fight by firing 2 directly at you!

Bomb Dropper

If Teisel’s Hatch opens, a couple of bird-like bombs will fly out, and will proceed to drop their not-so-precious cargo on your head. You can actually watch the shadows on the ground to avoid this one.

Servbot Bomber

The other option for Tiesel’s hatch is a Servbot coming out and chucking a bomb at you. You can almost ignore this one, as their aim isn’t too great. You can also shoot at the Servbot itself to negate the minor threat.

Get it off!

While riding on the back of the Marlwolf, Tiesel will get annoyed and proceed to swat you off of the robot. All you have to do is move to the other side (depending on where you were), and he should miss hitting you.

Good Weapons to Use

Machine Buster

With the Machine Buster, you have a solid weapon that works for the entire fight. Whether you are shooting the robot itself, or taking out the nearby tanks, the weapon handles itself nicely. Heck, you can even snipe at the hatch from afar if you’ve been upgrading it regularly. When you add all this to a weapon that is already versatile on it’s own, you have a winning combination.


The Marlwolf is pretty tough, and can cause plenty of problems thanks to those irritating globs of green plasma Teisel insists on firing every 5 seconds. Destroying the treads is a rather wise option, as his movement speed is slowed down, and it’s easier to jump on the robot’s back.

If you find your health running low, you can destroy a tank and shoot the Servbot that flies out of it. As you may or may not know, kicking fried Servbots presents you with some health; you can get a maximum of 3 energy cubes per bot, which can be a lifesaver.

The running dialogue in the battle is pretty humorous, and in the end just helps make the game that much more memorable. The Marlwolf gets a 9/10 from me, as this is just a great, memorable boss that helps to define the series as a whole.

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