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Matrix Battery

1280 (B), 2560 (A), 3840 (S)

(Screenshot courtesy of Legends Station)

This review on the Bonne’s Matrix Battery is bound to be a real blast!


The Bonnes have completely overtaken the desert city of Kimotoma! Megaman must make his way through an army of machinery both old and new, the Matrix Battery being one of the larger threats to his well-being. This beast holds one of the colored keys to the doors that the Bonnes have set up in the city, along with a couple that has been taken hostage (one of which is a crazy truck driver).

This machine is armed with a single, potent weapon. The Matrix Battery fires off a large cannon shot every so often, dealing massive damage to anything that it makes contact with. Furthermore, the cannon shot covers a large radius, making dodging this attack rather troublesome. Between this machine’s rather large pool of health (to the point that it needs its own health bar), and the three Servbot machine gunners protecting it from the front, what’s a blue boy to do?

Dealing With It

While a direct rush is extremely risky, it is possible to clear the mission this way if you have a strong enough weapon. The Ground Crawler, in particular, tears through all of the enemies in this segment like a hot knife through butter.

Want to try a different approach? If you go to the left, instead of taking the machine gunners head on, you can make your way through a corridor. Not only does this allow you to bypass the Servbots barricading you, there are also some goodies in the pots if you search them. On the other side of the corridor lies the Matrix Battery, which conveniently isn’t locked onto you immediately. This is a much less troublesome way of taking down this monster. The cannon shots are a threat at long range, but when you’re right next to the Matrix Battery, they can’t actually hit you.


Coming In For A Landing

I really enjoyed how a lot of the Bonne sections on Kimotoma allowed you to approach them, and this was no exception. You’re given two different routes as to how you can take this miniboss down, and both are satisfying in their own right. Defeating this thing also unlocks one of the more entertaining cutscenes in the game. I give the Matrix Battery scenario an 8/10!

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