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Megaman Juno is bent on “purifying” the island of Kattelox, which means wiping out every Carbon on the island. Not wanting this to happen, Megaman Volnutt is bent on defeating him and saving the people of the island. Juno has an eerily calm manner, and always smiles, even on the brink of death.

Juno isn’t too hard of a boss normally, his attacks aren’t too broad and the voice cues make it a bit easier to get ready for him. Data mentioned that Juno wasn’t built for combat, as evidenced by his rather easy first form, but his second battle body can put up quite a fight.

Movelist (First Form)

Double Laser “Ready?”

Juno’s hand fly towards your immediate position, one by one, firing lasers vertically towards the ground as they go. These are pretty elementary to dodge, as they can be sidestepped, jumped rolled; pretty much anything besides standing still will get you through this.

Laser Rotation “How about this?”

In this variation of the laser move, Juno points his hands sideways, and fires two lasers that rotate horizontally. As soon as you hear the voice cue, jump straight up, as the lasers will harmlessly pass under you. Of course, this tactic doesn’t work in Legends 2 when Klaymoor decides to give his variation a tracking device, but that’s another story for another time.

Air Dash “Defend yourself”

Juno rushes at you in a straight line, doing a good amount of damage if he connects. Despite the way this move looks, with the power of the Jump Springs you can actually clear this move with one mighty leap. Sidestepping/rolling works just as well, however. I’ve actually blocked this with the Shield Arm on one occasion, although it failed on me when I tried to do it again, so it’s not really a recommended tactic.

Palm Shockwave “How was that?”

Juno disappears, and some explosions begin to go off in the center of the room. Once they stop, Juno will re-appear and his two hands will strike the ground where he is standing, causing a shockwave. A simple, well-timed jump will suffice against this technique.

Movelist (Second Form)

Earth Breaker “How about this?”

Juno raises his arm, forms a rather large energy sphere, and proceeds to chuck it at you. It does a rather large amount of damage if it hits you, and it also breaks into 3 shockwaves when it hits the ground. The initial attack is easy to avoid, but keeping an eye out for the stray shockwaves is recommended as well.

Tri-Shockwave “Take this!”

These are essentially the same shockwaves left by the Earth Breaker, but as a separate move. You can just jump them, but beware of Juno’s swatting arm which can cause damage if you’re wandering too close to him.

Triple Jump “Huy!”

Juno jumps a total of 3 times, the first two are aimed at you, so just run around to avoid them. The third jump restores him to the center of the room, in which case he’ll start to prepare another technique. This isn’t really a hard move to avoid.

Strike Dash

Pink Smoke starts flaring out of Juno’s backside, and he’ll dash straight at you. Unlike his first form, Juno actually has a wide hitbox now, so you want to be really careful in how you go about rolling around this one. Note that Juno often prefers to start the fight with this technique.

Angry Charge/Falling Laser “*Angry Yelling*”

Juno lifts his arms to the sky, firing a constant beam of energy skyward. A shockwave (2 in Hard Mode) fly out while this is happening; simply jump to avoid it/them.

Once he’s done yelling at you, Juno starts flailing his arms at the ground, causing multiple laser beams to fall where you are standing. Running around in circles pretty much does the trick here, as the lasers simply won’t be able to catch you.

“But this attack is unavoidable in Hard Mode!”

You can dodge Juno’s (much quicker) laser attack on Hard Mode, but there’s a certain method you have to employ. Megaman actually runs a bit faster if aimed in a diagonal direction, so doing this while repeatedly shifting a bit with L1/R1 helps keep him away from the lasers. Example here.

Good Weapons to Use

Shining Laser

Pretty much your best bet here, as Capcom scaled the damage of the other weapons so heavily that their impact is hardly noticeable. Heck, even the Active Buster doesn’t do that much on him. Watch your ammo here if you haven’t upgraded enough (or bring a Hyper Cartridge), and he should fall in short order.


Juno was certainly an unexpected villain, but he was quite a memorable one. The classical music was a nice touch to this fight, and really helped to set the atmosphere. Overall, Juno did a nice job filling the final boss slot for the game, and earns a perfect 10!


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