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Your reputation was a factor in the first Legends game, but in MML2 it can determine so much more! This ranges from how certain people treat you, to the amount you pay at stores, and some items are downright unobtainable if you’re good/bad. Here’s a list of the actions that determine your alignment:

Good Actions Bad Actions
Restore Pokte Village +5000
Repair the statue at Kimotoma +3000
Give Appo & Dah the writing items +5000
Give the Ruminoa girl the pig +1500
Earn the A class license +3000
Earn the S class license +8000
Donate 100z at the gallery +0
Donate 10000z +50
Donate 50000z +400
Donate 300000z +4000
Donate 1000000z +20000
Shoot Johnny during the Nino mission 10000
Hurt Appo and Dah during the Glyde mission 500
Destroy a cannon (Nino Island Missions) 1500
Destroy the Kimotoma statue 4500
Kick a pig 300
Kick a bunny 500
Take the adult book/reaverbot fossil 1000
Buy the seriously dirty book/reaverbot eye 5000
Hurt Shu during the Glyde mission 500
Kick the can 16
Kick the bucket 8

It takes 16384 points in either direction (good or bad) to trigger light/dark Megaman.

Credit to marshmallowman of RPM for this list!


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