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Megaman ZX Model Guide

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NOTE: The damage values are from the ZX Strategy Guide. These values are halved when fighting a boss, unless it is an elemental weakness, then it is normal. 1 Boss life gauge is 32 units, so keep this in mind. If you try to hit a boss with an element he is strong against, then it is only 0.25 of the original number (not that you should be hitting him with that anyway).

Model X

Model X

Model X is the first model you get when starting the game. It specializes in long-ranged attacks, and its double charged shot can be quite useful. Unfortunately, you lose this after the Giro fight, that is, unless you beat the game with both Vent and Aile which in turn allows you to keep this.


(Buster Shot)

This is the standard-fare buster shot. It’s got good range, and even makes some weaker enemies reel. You can only have 3 on screen at once.

(Charge Shot)

Model X’s charge shot can be charged up to 2 levels here, just like the arm upgrade from Megaman X2! If you fire one shot after another, they’ll both hit the opponent; this even hits twice on bosses!

Attack Damage
Buster Shot 2 (normal)
3 (dashing)
Charge Shot 6 (half)
10 (full)
12 (second shot)

Model Zx

Model X

Model Zx is what you get after Giro bites the dust. This new Model trades it’s double buster power for more versatility. It gains the ZX saber, a close range weapon with the ability to do combos and charge attacks. Unless you beat the game with Vent and Aile already, this permanently replaces Model X. This model is probably the most versatile in the game because of its strength at both close and long range. If you have played any of the games in the Zero series, then you should be very familiar with this form.


(Zx Saber)

The Zx Saber is a powerful weapon in the right hands, with ground and air capabilities. The 3-hit combo ignores boss invincibility, and actually hurts more than the charge slash, so keep that in mind. The spin slash is equally useful on bosses, as it ignores boss invincibility as well.

(Zx Buster)

The buster is very similar to Model X’s. The charge shot behaves exactly like Model X’s second shot, complete with spiraling energy around the shot. Great for taking out enemies when you don’t want to get too close.

Attack Damage
Zx Buster 2 (normal)
3 (dashing)
6 (half-charged)
12 (fully charged)
Zx Saber 8 (ground slashes)
6 (walking)
10 (dashing)
8 (jumping), 10 (jumping forward)
2 (spinning) [multiple-hits]
10 (charged saber), 12 (splash)

Model Hx

Model Hx

Model Hx has the best mobility in the game. It has the ability to air-dash (upwards too), and hover; not to mention that these can be done out of a dash-jump, which breaks every Megaman rule since X2! Twin purple sabers are this Model’s weapons of choice. It also uses electricity as a weapon.

Overdrive Effect: When overdrive is turned on, all of your attacks have increased power, and have the electric element added on to them as well.


(Saber Slash)

Model Hx’s saber slashes are quick. The main slash is a short one, and the alternate is a slower overhead slash. By pressing Y, R, Y, you can do a quick 3-hit combo ending with a sonic boom.

(Plasma Bit) (2 BME consumed)

The charge attack fires a slow, homing plasma ball. It stuns whatever it hits, as well as putting out fires.

(Plasma Cyclone) (4 BME consumed)

With both pieces of Model H, you can charge to a second level and hold the up button to fire a large tornado. It hits multiple times as well as stunning whatever is being hit as well. This is your main boss killer; it absolutely tears holes into non-ice bosses.

Attack Damage
Twin Sabers 6 (short slash)
7 (overhead slash)
5 (running)
9 (dashing)
5 (jumping)
5 (sonic boom-wave), 8 (sonic boom-blade)
Plasma Bit 5
Plasma Cyclone 2 (multiple hits)

Model Lx

Model Lx

Model Lx makes traveling underwater easy! This model can swim by using the jump button while underwater. This is the only model that doesn’t reduce underwater speed either (outside of Ox). It also has an item search in the touch screen. A Cyber-elf points to the nearest item, even the hidden ones! It’s halberd is pretty useful even out of water.

Overdrive Effect: When in overdrive, all of your attacks become stronger and have the ice element attached to them. This freezes enemies and stops their movement cold.


(Halberd Slash)

This slash has a wide range; hitting things above and below you. It stops your movement though, so you can’t do it while dashing. However, you can combo the jumping slash into the standing slash for a decent 2-hit combo on a boss!

(Spinning Slash)

This move can only be done while swimming. Note that this move lasts as long as you can keep button-mashing. This also ignores invincibility on bosses, meaning that Lurerre and Leganchor can be hit with an infinite combo!

(Ice Platform) (2 BME consumed)

The charge attack creates an ice platform. Although it looks pointless, you can actually hit it to make it slide. You can also ride it, like the Ice Wall from Megaman & Bass or X’s charges Shotgun Ice. It even floats on water!

(Ice Dragon) (4 BME consumed)

This move is pretty awesome! By charging to 2 levels and holding the up button, you can fire an ice dragon. It’s slow moving, but it also homes in on opponents. It can even be followed up by a couple of slashes for a damaging combo on a boss!

Attack Damage
Halberd Slash 8 (standing)
7 (jumping)
Spinning Slash 6 (first slash)
1 (following slashes)
Ice Platform 6
Ice Dragon 10

Model Fx

Model Fx

Model Fx is all about power! This model is equipped with 2 busters. They can be customized using the touch screen, so that you can change the path of the buster shots. This comes in handy for hitting enemies in tough locations. It can even shoot straight up! This model also represents the fire element.

Overdrive Effect: This overdrive gives all of your shots the fire element, as well as a decent attack boost.


(Buster Shot)

These are the normal shots fired from the busters. The path depends on you buster editing. It also can be fired straight up as well.

(Megaton Crush) (2 BME consumed)

Charging up the buster one level causes you to release a rather strong punch that releases flame. This can be done with either buster. It can even be fired upwards! This can be used to destroy some blocks as well. If you charge both and release them at the same time, you’ll do a double punch that even combos on bosses!

Note that if you run out of BME, you can still punch, but no flame will come out.

(Ground Break) (4 BME consumed)

With both pieces of Biometal F on hand, you can charge to a second level and hold the down button to create a fire wave that crawls along the ground.

Attack Damage
Buster Shot 4
Megaton Crush 8 (flame)
10 (punch)
Ground Break 2

Model Px

Model Px

Model Px is great for wiping out your enemies. It’s attacks aren’t heavily damaging, but they can be rapid-fired. It can also see better in the dark than other models can, and the touch screen gives you a radar that allows you to see enemies and hidden doors.

Overdrive Effect: Overdrive increases the damage done with normal attacks. It also gives you the shadow dash, making you invincible through the duration of your entire dash. Just watch your BM gauge!


(Kunai Toss)

The kunai themselves are weak, but this is negated by the numbers that they are thrown in. The damage stacks up pretty quickly. When thrown from a wall or ceiling, they fan out.

(Shuriken) (2 BME consumed)

The charge shot tosses a large shuriken with a boomerang flight pattern. It can actually do a large chunk of damage if it hits cleanly.

(Barrier) (4 BME consumed)

When you have both parts of Model P, you can put up a barrier around you by fully charging and holding up. This stops weak bullets in their tracks, and damages any enemy it touches.

Attack Damage
Kunai Toss 2
Shuriken 5 (first hit)
1 (successive hits)
Barrier 5

Model Ox

Model Ox

Last, but certainly not least, it’s Model Ox! This model is gained by taking on the rather difficult Omega in Area N, and then giving the mysterious rock to Fleuve and beating the game. This model plays very similarly to Zx, until you turn Overdrive on at least…

Overdrive Effect: This model’s overdrive is infinite! Your buster shots all become charged shots, and your moveset gets a nice overhaul.


NOTE: I’m not going to post the uncharged moves because they are the exact same as Zx’s. Interestngly enough, Model Ox’s saber does have a bit more reach than Zx’s does.

(Earth Crusher Series)

Pressing down and R gives you a ground punch that kicks up debris. The first level of charge gives you the fan spread move from X4-5, and the second level gives you the screen filler from X6.

(Saber Techniques)

Model Ox gets 3 new saber techniques in overdrive. He gets an electric sonic boom that can be fired with Down+Y, a rising fire slash that can be used with Up+Y, and a jumping spin slash that releases icy projectiles.

(Other notes)

In Overdrive, you get the same double shot that Model X had (albeit slightly stronger but lacking the 3-shot spiral). You can emulate Zero’s old triple shot by firing the shockwave after the 2 shots. It combos on bosses as well.

Note that you cannot move during any of OX Overdrive’s attacks.

Attack Damage
Charge Shot 10 (Half/Rapid Fire OIS)
12 (Full Charge)
Charged Saber 10 (Saber)
Earth Crusher Series 16 (Splash)
6 (Messenko)
6 (Rekkoha)
Shinkuujin 6 (saber)
6 (shockwave)
Ryuenjin 10
Arc Blade 8 (saber)
4 (waves)

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