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1440 (B), 1600 (A), 2080 (S)


The guardian (or should I say guardians) of the watery Nino Island ruins are none other than Midosu. This calm reaverbot is designed after a jellyfish, and they come in threes. One of them holds a Water Key, which is rather valuable given the fact that they open the door to one of the Four Keys to the Mother Lode. Despite being aquatic, they can still function on dry land, although a rather large number of their moves are inaccessible, and their mobility seems hampered. These reaverbots can be easier or harder to fight without water, depending on the skill of the digger fighting them.

Midosu seems to favor a more defensive fighting style. It often spins rapidly, deflecting any shots that may come into contact with it. Once it’s comrades ave been destroyed, it begins to rely on more elusive tactics like leaving bombs behind and deflecting shots more often. It should also be noted that touching it without a Light Barrier will result in paralysis, much like a real jellyfish’s stings.



Midosu sprays little spark-like shots from the top of it’s head(?), often in different variations. The regular variation of the move involves simply firing upward, with them flying around the arena for a bit before dissipating. This variation is actually the only move Midosu can perform without water. The other variation is more straightforward, as it flies towards you directly after being shot. This second variation is used after the other jellyfish are gone. Both are a pain to deal with, but the Shield Arm is capable of absorbing these shots.

Strike Dash

Midosu dashes towards you, doing a decent amount of damage if it connects. Should you lack a Light Barrier, you’ll also get paralyzed. This is fairly easy to avoid, as a simple roll will get you out of harm’s way. Midosu’s actually vulnerable during this move, so hitting it after you’re safe is a good move.


When there’s only one jellyfish left, it’ll often drop a small Midosu replica. This actually explodes on contact, doing quite some damage, so taking it out from a distance is recommended. It only takes one buster shot to kill it, so it’s fairly easy to dispatch. They also explode after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Good Weapons to Use

Drill Arm

This is capable of netting a quick kill provided there’s enough power in the Attack stat. Just get right in front of it and drill away!


Midosu was a pretty interesting boss. I liked how you had two options on how to fight it, as having more options never hurts, and if you found the boss too hard you could simply leave the room and “just add/drain water”, so to speak. I thought the design of the Midosu was pretty interesting as well; they gave off an ‘elegant’ feel. The only real downside I can think of is the underwater movement being a pain during a boss fight, although this was removed in the PSP version. Overall, Midosu was a pretty cool boss, and gets an 8.5/10

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