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30 (B), 36 (A), 40 (S)


Miitan are found mainly in Nino Ruins, although you can pretty much find a couple of em’ lurking in most of the minor ruins throughout the game, as well as Saul Kada. Given their attack pattern, they seem to be an upgraded Foo-Roo from Kattelox. Those little guys needed a better design; they were quite boring.

These little guys are spotted by their blue and purple color scheme, along with a rather sad expression on their faces. They tend to float in place until either a digger lurks too close, or if they are provoked. Once they spot their prey, they slowly float towards you, and their eyes glow red. When they get within close range, they glow red and proceed to release a massive explosion which does some heavy damage. They also explode when they are destroyed, although the explosion doesn’t hurt nearly as much. Also note that their self-destruct mechanism makes it so that they don’t drop any zenny either (jerks).

Dealing With It

These little guys are best dealt with from a distance, especially when there are multiple ones lurking about. They only take a few buster shots to kill, so the trick is to knock them out before they get too close. Once these guys overcrowd you, nothing short of a well-timed dodge-roll is going to save you. The self-destruct technique will in fact cripple your lifebar, so you really want to tread carefully around these guys.

I should also mention how fun it is to chuck enemies at Miitan with the Lifter. Anything thrown at it is an instant kill, so this makes for a nice time-saver when taking the license test (hint-hint). Also, they drop a pretty nice amount of zenny when KO’ed.

Coming In For A Landing

Miitan was a really nice improvement over the boring Foo-Roo from MML1. They tend to be pretty recognizable, and will often catch a digger by surprise the first time they run into this thing; it’s appearance is quite deceptive. I give Miitan a 9/10. MML2’s reaverbot designs were pretty creative, and this one was no exception.

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