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MML1: 160
MML2: 80 (B), 100 (A), 160 (S)


Mimic looks like a treasure chest until opened, in which case diggers are in for quite a shock. The first variations encountered were littered in the sub-ruins of Kattelox. When opened, they would fire multiple bombs at a rather high rate of fire. If you didn’t (or wouldn’t) move out of the way quickly enough, you’d be in for quite a bit of pain. There was also a message that popped up saying, “It’s a trapped box!”; bet you wished they would’ve told you that before you opened it!

Come Legends 2, Mimic could still be found in various ruins. There were a few key differences here that made tackling them a bit different, however. First off, there were now two variations of this creature; the first one acted similarly to the ones in the first game, but they fired a bit more slowly and their bombs were actually homing now. The second variation is a lot more infamous, as the crazy thing actually grows legs and starts running around! It’s quite a scary sight, and is actually one of the 2 things that kept me away from the game when I was younger (Shoebafun’s the 2nd).

I should note that there’s actually one in Saul Kada’s Ruins that stands up, sort of bites you (that’s what it looks like to me), and spits out some zenny. These things are weeeeeiiiiird…

Dealing With It

In MML1, opening these beasts from the side tends to work a bit better if you are unsure about them. You have enough time to make a quick reaction and avoid the blasts. These things actually drop a nice sum of zenny, and they also respawn whenever you surface, so killing them is actually recommended.

In Legends 2, there are more ways to deal with these things. First and foremost, the Item Data feature on the map helps you to avoid these things altogether, as the radar notifies you of treasure chests that actually contribute something useful. However, Item Data only works on the 4 major ruins as well as Elysium, so you’re clearly out of luck there.

The running Mimic’s bark is actually worse than it’s bite (literally in case of Saul Kada), and they aren’t really too hard to take down. Again, they drop rather nice amounts of zenny, as well as a health item or two.

Coming In For A Landing

Overall, Mimic did it’s job functioning as the series’ Chest Monster, and the running versions particularly had their shock value. I give these guys a 9/10. Annoying, yes, but it wouldn’t be Legends without them!

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