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MML1: 1
MML2: 40 (B), 80 (A), 160 (S)


Miroc’s certainly a quiet little fellow. Appearing in both MML1 and MML2, these little bots aren’t seen too often as they can be spread thin throughout the game as opposed to some of the more mainstream reavers like Horrokko and Sharukurusu.

The original flavor of Miroc is very distinct. They quietly move around throughout the ruins, and generally don’t care less about what you do. Should you get close, the Miroc will attack by thrusting itself at you. Now Miroc are not physically strong, so this attack doesn’t pose much of a threat (it’s kind of cute, even). What’s interesting is that this brand of Miroc only has a sole hit point, so if you’re having trouble taking one out I might suggest a different hobby. Miroc always drops a single refractor when killed, and I’ve always found it funny that the refractor is literally bigger than their bodies. No wonder they die so fast, they were pretty much about to burst anyway! Over-eating is bad, kids.

MML2 brought a lot of changes to various reavers, and our little friend Miroc was one of many. Miroc is far more evasive here, as they’ll run away once they’ve sighted an intruder. With their newly increased HP, they can now take a decent beating before dying, and rightfully so. The unlike the previous Mirocs, these drop a TON of cash upon defeat. There is a catch, though. Should you take too long to corner and kill one, it’ll pull some sort of ninjitsu maneuver and disappear on the spot, leaving you with no income. They still will try to tackle you if you get rather close, much like their previous incarnation.

If you’ve ever played Megaman Battle Network 2, you can liken these to the little “Pop-Up” viruses in that game, where you had to shoot the dog 10 times (or knock out a solid 800HP in case of the upgraded version) before it disappeared to get it’s rather elusive chip.

Dealing With It

Not much to say about the MML1 variation; point, shoot, and collect your zenny.

The MML2 version requires a little more precision. The best advice I can give is just to gun the little guy down as soon as you see him. You can throw them, so if there are other enemies nearby feel free to toss one into another reaver (there’s a segment in Calinca Ruins where one shows up near a couple of Gorubeshu Golbesh, for instance). The zenny drop is extremely generous, so it’s well worth the effort.

Coming In for a Landing

Miroc’s quite a quaint little reaver, and it’s nice that his zenny gimmick was expanded on in Legends 2. While they don’t do a lot to stand out on their own, I’ve always felt that they were kind of mysterious, especially with the disappearing act they can pull. Its older cousins were certainly memorable as well, but we’ll talk about him later. For now, I’m gonna give Miroc a solid 8/10.

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