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32 [MML1]
15 (B), 18 (A), 72 (S) [MML2 – Normal]
24 (B), 36 (A), 88 (S) [MML2 – Green]

(Artwork courtesy of Raijin of MMLS forums)


Mirumijee’s a pretty minor reaverbot, and is often overlooked in favor of the larger, more common reaverbots. You don’t see them all too often at all, as their only real significance in the first game was to scare the Junk Store man. There’s also a (rather obvious) trap in the intro dungeon that involves you being stuck in a room with quite a few of them. They’d also pop out of a few of those blue boxes you’d see lying around in some of the ruins. The ones in MML2 were re-designed to look a bit more snake-like. They their appearance on Manda Island, which was a very good move considering the terrain of the area.

In terms of their combat prowess (or lack of), their sole attack is to lunge at you. This is only a small inconvenience, made into a slightly larger one if they attack in numbers. The green ones in MML2 would inflict the energy drain status on you if they made bodily contact. This isn’t too much of an issue normally, as a Medicine Bottle could clear that right up. On the S-License Test, however, this could be downright game-breaking. The last thing you need there is a barely-functioning buster.

Dealing With It

Just point and shoot, simple as that. With better armors equipped in MML2, you could outright run them over. They also make decent Lifter fodder as well. While the damage isn’t too great from tossing them at another enemy, the Mirumijee itself dies, which still helps. The green ones are best taken out from a distance, as you don’t want to risk a status effect.

Coming In For A Landing

Mirumijee’s certainly an overlooked reaverbot, and it’s easy to see why. It does have a nice design (both versions), but it doesn’t do all too much in combat (save for the green ones). In the places it did appear in, it did an excellent job of blending into said environment. I’d have to give Mirumijee a 7/10 overall. It’s a good reaver that could have benefitted from a bit more usage.

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