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MML2 Roll Happiness Guide

Megaman Shoots Tron

In Megaman Legends 2, Roll’s mood is a variable in the game that can be changed. Depending on how she feels, you’ll get charged either 10% more 10% less for weapon upgrades. Here is a handy chart showing exactly what can be done to change this:

Good Actions Bad Actions
Sulphur Bottom model +5000
Cushion +3000
Penguin doll +3000
Vase +1000
Potted plant +1000
Comic +1000
Painting +1000
Wallpaper +1000
Video Game +1000
Toilet cleaner +1000
Restore the Flutter +3000
Apologize when Roll gets depressed +10000
Donate 100z +0
Donate 10000z +10
Donate 50000z +100
Donate 300000z +1000
Donate 1000000z +10000
Sell one of Roll’s handmade lunches 5000
Lose the firefighter mission 5000
Shoot Roll 100
Be mean to Roll 1000
Attack the Flutter 10000
Tell Roll off when she gets depressed 5000

It takes 16400 points in either direction (good or bad) to trigger either scene (bathtub or depression).

Credit to marshmallowman of RPM for this list!


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