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Special Weapons Tier List – MML2


Being a fan of both Megaman Legends and fighting games, the concept of tier lists has always fascinated me. This list ranks how I view the weapons in Megaman Legends 2 in terms of overall usefulness. It is important to note that this is not just a gauge of actual power, as factors such as cost-effectiveness, how early/late a weapon is attained, and usefulness throughout the game all play into this. So without further ado:

Tier Ranking Special Weapon(s)
S Tier Homing Missile
Ground Crawler
Vacuum Arm
A Tier Buster Cannon
Drill Arm
Shining Laser
B Tier Hyper Shell
Hunter Seeker
Blade Arm
Spread Buster
C Tier Shield Arm
Reflector Arm
Aqua Blaster
Machine Gun Arm

*Weapons are not listed in any particular order within tiers.

Individual notes

S Tier, a.k.a. God Tier

Homing Missile: Simply put, this is the strongest all-around weapon in the game. It’s one of the first 2 offensive weapons you get, and right at the Yakuto Krabbe battle begins to prove its usefulness. It only gets better as you can keep upgrading it over time. Assuming that you aren’t going for 100% completion, you could leave this thing on your arm for the rest of the game and be completely fine.

Ground Crawler: I’m sure a more than a few people double-taked when I put this in S-Tier, but make no mistake, this is the single most cost-effective weapon in the Megaman Legends series. The remarkably low upgrade cost combined with the high power of the weapon allows you to run a train through a large chunk of the game. It doesn’t really matter that certain enemies/bosses are hard to fight with it (example: Glyde Drache Ace) because you can just switch to something else. As a bit of trivia, while nearly every special weapon in the PSP version got an upgrade price cut, Capcom felt the need to increase the price of the Ground Crawler. Let that sink in…

Vacuum Arm: It literally pays for itself and you get it before you even hit Forbidden Island.

A Tier, a.k.a. Immensely Useful Tier

Buster Cannon: This thing is here for one reason and one reason alone; Nino Island. Assuming that you’re on a regular playthrough with nothing higher than an A-License, this thing takes care of Glyde’s forces completely. What really sells it is that you don’t even have to upgrade it! Glyde Draches and Birdbots all go down in one shot, Glyde Drache Ace is easy to hit, and with the fast shot speed you aren’t wasting time aiming. Sure, this thing doesn’t have too much use afterwards, but the fact that you get these kind of benefits for free means that you can shelf it when Nino Ruins open, and your wallet will thank you.

Drill Arm: While it’s only useful in 2 of the major ruins, boy is it useful! Both Manda and Nino ruins fall short to this weapon alone, and this includes every boss that inhabits them. You really don’t even need to upgrade it all the way. I’m pretty sure that Klaymoor still has nightmares about this one.

Shining Laser: Assuming that you weren’t maxing out the Homing Missile, this is probably the best thing to pick up and fight Sera with. Even with little to no upgrades it still does loads of damage to her, just be sure to bring a Hyper Cartridge just in case.

B Tier, a.k.a. Solid Yet Impractical Tier

Hyper Shell: This thing is a blast to play around with. Somewhat pricey but definitely gets the job done on most enemies and is one of the two weapons that you can fire at the back of the Gemeinschaft.

Hunter Seeker: Interesting in that it’s unique but still good at the same time. There’s nowhere in the game where you’d go “Gee, I wish I had the Hunter Seeker right now”, but at the same time can be really fun to experiment with.

Blade Arm: This thing can be lethal, but it requires so many resources to set it up. Getting the thing requires you to either take a massive quiz or pay a massive sum of money. The upgrades themselves aren’t cheap either. Definitely has a lot of fun factor.

Spread Buster: This thing isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. The Special upgrade cost is a little high, personally, and its power lacks unless you use it up close.

Crusher: Very powerful weapon, however what holds it back is not only the heavy amount of upgrade money for it, but also the fact that you need to go dark. Like most of the other weapons in this tier, it’s very satisfying to play with, but is more out of the way in terms of upgrading it.

C Tier, a.k.a. ‘Don’t Use That’ Tier

Shield Arm: In the rare cases that this thing actually has a use, you’d do better by simply bringing a different weapon.

Reflector Arm: No, just…no.

Aqua Blaster: After you put the fire out on the Flutter, never use this again. On the bright side at least it’s free…

Machine Gun Arm: Looks cool, but any machine gun with a recharge time after 5 shots isn’t a machine gun.


So with this list in mind, what are your opinions? Do you agree or would you change a few things? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Beat~AquaTeamV3/Buster Cannon


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