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HP: 130 (B), 170 (A), 255 (S)


Originally appearing in the Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Nakel now makes its home in the fiery Saul Kada Ruins. These snake-like reaverbots only appear in lava-filled rooms, attacking diggers who enter its domain. Unlike most reavers, Nakel requires no provocation before it attacks; simply being in the room is enough to set it off. As far as attacks go, Nakel has two methods of harassing diggers. If a digger is close enough to the lava, Nakel will lunge out of the lava and try to crash into the individual. Whether successful or not Nakel will return to the lava. The second method of attack involves this reaverbot popping its head out of the lava and firing shots for a few seconds.

It is worth noting that aside from Mandomantal, Nakel is the only non-boss reaverbot in both MML1 and MML2 that does not dropanything upon defeat.

Dealing With It

Nakel may only make its appearance in a couple of rooms, but it certainly makes itself known my pestering the player. Both the shots and the lunging can be a pain to deal with, especially if there are other reaverbots present. What makes Nakel even more threatening is the surrounding lava; getting hit is one thing, but if you either get pushed into lava by an attack or accidentally jump into while avoiding something else, you could be in a lot of trouble, particularly if you lack the Flame Barrier and/or Asbestos Shoes.

If you want to take Nakel out, the use of a long-ranged weapon like the Homing Missile or Hyper Shell can take care of it while it is firing. However, keep in mind that Nakel drops nothing upon being defeated, so it may be more cost-effective to just get out of the room without paying it any mind. Just watch your step.

Coming In for a Landing

Despite the fact that it only appeared in one ruin, Nakel is fairly memorable. It stands out as being the only reaverbot that can traverse lava safely, and poses enough of a threat that you have to actually have to respect it, unlike a lot of the other ruin-specific bots. Personally I think they could have thrown a few of these guys in the room where Wojigairon was hanging out, but then again that could have taken away from the feeling of fear/strength that Wojigairon was giving off. Mr. Nakel gets a 7/10.

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