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The Power Adapter makes its first appearance in Megaman 6, after you’ve beaten Flame Man. The Rush Adapters had replace the usual Coil/Jet deal that was commonplace in every MM game past 3. Instead of riding on top of (or in) Rush, instead Megaman’s loyal pet would merge with him, giving him an added boost in either mobility or power. In Power form, Megaman turned the usual red and white color scheme he had when using Rush, but his arms were a lot bulkier, and his chest armor also received a design change.

True to its name, the Power Adapter certainly gave Megaman a very nice offensive boost. His normal shots were now projectile punches that did 2 points of damage instead of the usual 1. However, the range had been severely cut, which meant that you had to be fairly close in order to do damage. His charge shot was also a punch projectile, charged instantly, and did more damage than the original charged shot, but its range was also fairly short as well. The charge shot was pretty amazing, however, and had some unique properties. In addition to breaking down cracked walls that were littered throughout stages, it was capable of breaking down shielded enemies, like Mets, which was a previously impossible feat. It also reversed the momentum of some enemies, as a well-timed punch would send them back where they came from. This was particularly useful for the first boss of Mr. X’s fortress.

Power Megaman’s main weakness it the fact that he loses his ability to slide. This honestly cuts your mobility down quite a bit, especially during boss fights. The lack of range could also present a problem if you’re used to firing shots from a full-screen’s length, but it’s not too bad when you’ve taken the time to get used to it.

As a whole, Power Megaman was pretty unique, and it was also the basis for the Gaea Armor in X5! As a useless tidbit, if you release a charged shot when you enter a boss door while jumping, Megaman will come in fists flying. The Power Adapter gets an 8.5/10 from me!


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