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Powered Buster

Powered Buster

This weapon fires a single shot that travels a certain distance and explodes. It also explodes on contact with enemies, walls, or other obstacles. This weapon has some pretty nice range, and you can even snipe with it if you choose to do so. The firing motion for this weapon is rather slow, so its effectiveness is dramatically decreased. Certain reaverbots, like the Sharukurusu, for instance, will tear you apart if you try shooting them at point-blank range with it.

As the name suggests, the weapon does a rather decent amount of damage. However, I can’t help but wish it did a bit more. Its max damage is on par with the Blade Arm, which isn’t that great. You may actually find yourself using quite a few shots to take down larger reavers, and it doesn’t exactly have a large amount of ammo to begin with. Still, it does tie with the Active Buster for best range stat in the game, so you can still do some pretty nice sniping with it. Just be sure to bring a Hyper Cartridge with you!

As I come in for a landing, I can’t help but think that the Powered Buster should pack a much more potent punch. Honestly, weapons like the Grand Grenade or Active Buster simply do the job better. This weapon gets a 7/10 from me. It’s a great weapon to use early/mid-game, but towards the end a lot of other weapons simply outclass it.

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