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Puurian’s certainly an oddity when it comes to reaverbot designs. They seem to be modeled after a Venus Flytrap in form, but functionally this thing is a different beast entirely. When first encountered in the grassy Manda Ruins, they do nothing but move their heads occasionally. During this state, they are invulnerable to all non-piercing weapons, and are completely harmless. However, after activating the central control panel near the entrance of the ruins, Puurian’s behavior changes. They now spit little orange shots at any nearby intruder, at the cost of being vulnerable when doing so. The shots come in short bursts as opposed to a steady stream.

It’s interesting to note that Puurian reverts to its tame state after beating Galgalfummi. The same goes for all of the other ruin traps (bug-zapper, etc.) and upgraded enemies.

Dealing With It

Puurian can be annoying if you linger around, but to be honest a quick dash through its respective hallway should leave you relatively unscathed, save for the really annoying Frongel pair before the small ledge. They Puurian themselves don’t do a lot of damage, but the fact that you’ve got said Frongel playing goalie can be irritating.

As for taking them out, it’s best done from long range. Getting in buster shots when the mouth is open is often more trouble than it’s worth. Piercing weapons like the Buster Cannon and Homing Missile can take Puurian out while it’s dormant, which is a plus. Considering the fact that the zenny/health drop is decent, taking them out in this way isn’t a bad decision at all.

Coming In for a Landing

Overall, I thought Puurian was an interesting design that probably could’ve been used a few more times. Granted, the Venus Flytrap design works great for the jungle, but the design is robotically ambiguous enough that it could have been placed in a few more locations. I didn’t find Puurian to be too challenging on it’s own, though it holds some potential when paired with other reavers. It would have been kinda cool if they stayed active for more than one part of the game, but oh well.

That said, Puurian’s one of the more interesting designs; it keeps the ‘jungle motif’ while not giving the appearance of trying too hard to “blend in”, so to speak. I’d have to give Puurian a 5.5/10.

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