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Reflector Arm

Reflector Arm

Time Obtained: Mid-game
Upgrade Cost: Low
Recharge Time: Quick
Overall Grade: D

The Reflector Arm is one of the more unique weapons in the Legends series. While underpowered, it does deserve a thorough run-down.

Price Tag

Crafted from a simple Superball and Bomb Schematic, the Reflector Arm isn’t one to drain the zenny out of your blue pockets. Total upgrade costs add up to a rather tame sum of 87,000z. I’m personally surprised that this thing manages to cost more than the Ground Crawler, which is a monster of a weapon. Every upgrade aside from Special can be upgraded, though it doesn’t make that much of a difference in terms of functionality. Range does let you take more advantage of the ricochet effect, which is the only unique attribute of this thing in the first place.

What it Does

The way this weapon works, you fire a small metal ball (think BB rounds), and it ricochets off of the nearest wall and keeps going. As stated above, this is only feasible with the Range attribute upgraded enough. The shots don’t really increase in power after bouncing off of the wall either; it’s pretty much the Legends version of the Gemini Laser. The damage isn’t that great either, as your buster is generally a better choice for damage.

Is Roll Trying to Rip You Off?

That said, this brings up an important question. Why in the world would you be trying to line up pool trick shots on a reaverbot in the first place? It’s far easier (and practical) to go the direct route; the Lifter and/or a much stronger weapon are far better options for taking out foes. And yeah, it goes without saying that any novelty you’d get from this thing disappears when no walls are present. Granted, using this to pop a Gorubeshu in the back of the head is pretty chuckle-worthy, but that’s about as good as it gets.

The Reflector Arm was a neat idea, but was executed poorly. In a game with an amazing lock-on system, the use of wall-bouncing projectiles just becomes obsolete altogether. As cool as the idea of a weapon crafted from a Superball is, I’ll have to give the Reflector arm a 2/10 for its poor functionality.

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