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The Legends Remake Wishlist: Core and Aesthetics

The Mega Man Legends games are great, and I’d love to see them ported to newer consoles (not counting the existing PSOne Classics ports). This series of articles is going to discuss what elements I would change in a remake/remaster of the games. Note that the goal here isn’t fundamentally changing the games, rather adding tweaks to make the overall experience better. Legends 1 is first, so let’s kick this change list off with the visuals and core elements!


General Core Changes

  • Major glitches fixed. This is kind of a given; glitches like wall clipping and the like would be removed.
  • Free look is possible with the right analog stick a la MML2. More camera control is always a good thing.
  • Re-balanced Hard Mode. Hard Mode currently does nothing besides up the damage/HP values of enemies, and halve the amount that Zenny is worth. I fundamentally disagree with the way that this is done. Instead, leave the zenny values alone, opting to give enemies and bosses completely new moves. The player gets to keep all of their tools so that they can put them to good use against foes that are legitimately stronger.
  • New Game Plus available. This would enable the player to start a new game with all of the zenny that they’ve gained in their playthrough. You can replay the story while not having to grind as hard during the beginning stages.
  • Boss Battle Mode available. After beating the game once, allow the player to fight any boss in the game with any weapon of their choice. Great for testing out newer equipment on older bosses.
  • More expansive options menu. Allow the player to fully customize their controls, control BGM/SE levels, and the like.

Aesthetic Changes

  • Updated visuals scaled to 1080p. Upscale the look of the game and smooth out some of the rough edges. Pretty straightforward.
  • Text boxes and pause menu more stylized like MML2. Adds some extra visual polish.
  • The Life Shield is visually identifiable. The Life Shield’s integrity shouldn’t be visually ambiguous. Sure, you can figure it out that it’s broken if you notice that the health bar stays red for a little too long, but why not add an immediate visual cue? Maybe add the sound effect of glass shattering for extra impact.

Feel free to leave a comment about the changes below! Would you add or subtract any changes, or does everything sound fine? Tune in next time where we’ll discuss some deeper gameplay changes for MML1!

sig~Buster Cannon

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