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HP: 3200 (B), 4096 (A), 4480 (S)


Rimblemenji is the gelatinous guardian of Calinca’s ice-themed ruins. He is first seen in the room before you reach the key, although he is practically harmless at this point. You can actually knock him out here, although it doesn’t help you in the ensuing fight. Once you grab the key, however, he reacts, and becomes a rather potent threat. You’ve taken the treasure of the ruins, and he’s not ready to let you leave with it.

His appearance is pretty creepy, being that of a gelatinous blob with a robotic head inside. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the ‘Devil’-type bosses seen in the other Megaman platformers.



When not doing any other particular attack, Rimblemenji will just follow you around the arena in a semi-creepy fashion. He is vulnerable, so shooting him at this time is a given. If he gets too close for comfort, move away from him. Keeping your distance is a must.

Jelly Splash

While you are being chased, Rimblemenji will move to the center of the room. He will make his body extremely tall and thin, and then he will collapse and spread his body a rather wide distance from the center of the room (sort of like a pancake). Once you see the warning signs, head towards a nearby wall to ensure safety.

Back-end Blitz

Should you choose (unwisely, I might add) to hang out near one of the doors, Mr. Blob will obviously follow you. His head will turn around, and rapid mini blob-shots will be launched at you in a zig-zag fashion. Being that you are in a tight space, you won’t have much room to avoid them. Just stay away from the doors and this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Arctic Assault

Some time into your battle, some green platforms will appear, and Rimblemenji will head for the middle of the room. Do as Roll suggests and make a break for one of the corners of the room, where you can jump on one of the platforms. Make you way to the second layer of platforms that wrap-around the room. The boss will jump, coating the floor in ice.

The floor below you is coated with the icy status effect, so touching at this point is a no-no. Mr. Blob will raise his head ot your level, and begin firing rather large blobs at you as you run around the platform. There are 2 ways of handling this; one leans toward defense, and one leads toward offense:

  • The first method (and my preferred one) is to run around firing at him while he tries to hit you with the blobs. This is where I see a lot of people mess up at. The shots WILL catch up to you, so the best thing to do is start running in the opposite direction, as it will make it even harder for you to be hit. Note that if you are hit, you may potentially fall onto the icy floor. Watch that Padded Helmet!
  • The safer (and more boring) method is to wait on the lower platform while he shoots at you. You can’t hit him, but he can’t hit you either.

The platforms will eventually fall away, and the floor will be returned to its normal state.

Quick Pursuit

Once his health gets low, he’ll start glowing and chase you VERY QUICKLY! You may even want to break out the skates to avoid him. After a little running, he will tire out and collapse, leaving him wide open for you to finish him off. If you don’t kill him this time around, he’ll re-do the move. Rinse and repeat until he’s finished.

Good Weapons to Use

Homing Missile

This is a great all-around weapon for this fight. The ability to use this while moving makes it so useful here, as it allows you to avoid his constant movement while you stage your own offense.

Hyper Shell

If you can handle the slow firing, this isn’t too shabby either. It does a rather nice chunk of damage to the boss, and has very nice range. The only drawback is the show firing time, while could backfire on you if you’re not careful.


Rimblemenji has some interesting tricks up his sleeve. However, with patience and skill, he can be taken down with relative ease. Rimblemenji rates an 8.5/10 from me. He’s a pretty cool boss (sorry!) with some very interesting techniques.

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