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Rush Mammoo

1760 (B), 2048 (A), 4000 (S)


Rush Mammoo is one of the hardest bosses in the game, and rightly so, he’s the last stand between you and Sera’s containment. His immense size is pretty intimidating, and you have the disadvantage of having no offensive weapons at the time, as well as having somewhat lousy buster parts. The fight is mostly endurance-based, as he has a rather large amount of HP (and you don’t).


Ice Shard

Rush Mammoo fires some ice chunks out of his trunk. This is more or less his main attacking move, and it can get pretty annoying. You have to keep moving to avoid this one, just be careful as to not accidentally grab one of the frozen pillars in the arena, as you will probably have ice in your face if that happens!

It should also be noted that the ice chunks are fired in a more wide arc when you shoot the first section of his trunk off. This really makes it that much harder to dodge, so try and avoid hitting the trunk if possible.

Frost Wave

Rush Mammoo glows white, leaps up high, and comes down pretty hard, leaving a shockwave that covers the ground. Nothing much to say about this one beside jump over it. The white color of the shockwave blends in pretty well with the snow as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

Arctic Overdrive

Rush Mammoo lies on it’s back, firing a red laser from it’s underside. He does this whenever a section of his trunk is shot off, and starts doing it randomly when he glows red. The laser zig-zags in an attempt to confuse you; just roll when it gets somewhat close and you should be fine.

IMO, this is probably one of my favorite moves in the game, albeit one of the most dangerous. I love the effects on this one, and the zig-zagging adds some real visual apppeal, as well as difficulty.

Mammoo Rush

Taking a page out of Mammoo’s book, Rush Mammoo charges at you, even making the same sound the regular Mammoo does. This is dodged pretty much the same way as you would with the normal version; sidestep. Just use some extra caution as Rush Mamoo is obviously bigger. This attack is only seen when he’s flashing red (25% HP or less).

Good Weapons to Use


Honestly, this is all you really have to use against the guy, so you may as well make the best of it. I recommend Power Raiser and Range Booster for this fight, as you’re going to need all the range you can get. Don’t bother focusing on lock-on too much, R. Mammoo’s immense size can block your vision if you’re not careful.


Rush Mammoo is a very tough opponent, and you’re going to need to zone a lot in order to keep tabs on Mammoo. The fight can easily go south should he get in your face. The trick to winning is to keep moving, and keep him out of your face.

Rush Mammoo serves his purpose as the guardian of Sera, although he does seem a bit overpowered given Megaman’s current arsenal at the time. He was pretty memorable for the most part, and helped to convey Forbidden Island pretty well. Overall, Rush Mammoo gets an 8.5/10!

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