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The scenario is pretty much the same as it was in Legends 1, you have to stop someone from activating the Carbon Reinitialization Program, which will decimate all of the Carbons on Terra (or at least Kattelox!). Sera, however, would like to settle an old score with you, having held a grudge against you for how close you were to the Master.

As the final boss, she’s a tough one, with some attacks that are borderline cheap. Sera is also unique in the fact that she’s the only boss who bases her attacks on what license you’re currently holding. It should also be noted that you can control Armored Sera’s attack pattern to some degree; staying in the center of the room causes her to rely mostly on her Blue Fang technique, which one of her easiest moves to avoid.

Movelist (Armored Sera)

Flame Dash “Ready?”

One of Sera’s techniques is to cover herself in a red aura and dash towards you. It’s a pretty obvious move, and is easily roll-dodged.

Blue Fang “Ha!”

Sera glows blue, 5 nails appear above her, and she proceeds to fire them at your current position. Running backwards is a good way to avoid this; make sure you aren’t backed up against a wall when she does this!

Flash Striker “Well, Trigger?”

Sera fires yellow sparks that home in on you position. The amount of times she fires is dependent on your license; 2 shots with a B or C License, 3 with an A License, and 4 with an S or SS License. Rolling from side to side is the most efficient way to dodge these puppies.

Palm Shockwave “How’s this? – Take this!”

Sera causes the room to glow red, which increases the gravity. She then surrounds herself with a few homing bombs, and then stomps the ground, causing a shockwave that you have to roll through. At this time the bombs will also home in on your position, however, they can be destroyed.

This is a pretty complex move, and like the Flash Striker, it is also contingent on your license. 1 jump with B/C License, 2 with an A License, and 3 with the S/SS License.

Movelist (Sky Goddess Sera)

Rainbow Laser (Sweep)

This is Sera’s most infamous technique, as it does a LOT of damage, and can be hard to avoid. This sweeping variation is easier to dodge, as you can simply roll through it to avoid taking damage. It is imperative that you watch the laser’s movements, and roll as many times as necessary.

Rainbow Laser (Homing)

Now this move is just plain cheap! It’s the same techniques as before, except with this variation she homes it in on your position, making it impossible to avoid! I hope you brought some recovery items!

Slam Wave “Feel my power!”

Sera slams her hands (fins?) against the ground, causing towering pink shockwaves to fly towards you. A simple roll makes this her easiest move to avoid.

Multi-Laser Labyrinth “Got you!”

Sera dashes towards you, yells “Got you!”, and proceeds to hover over you with 14 blue lasers being fired from under her. The best thing to do is keep running, and try to find a gap in the lasers if possible.

Dash Tackle “(Laughing)”

Sera may decide to fly into you, causing some damage. Try to stay out of her way, and make sure you you know how to distinguish this one from her Multi-Laser Labyrinth (the laughter is the cue).

Meteor Strike “(Angry Yelling)”

Sera opens her arms up wide, causing multiple meteors to fall from the sky. This can easily be avoided by running around, and you may even get a few shots off in the process.


Sera dashes around the arena at lighting speed, breaking your Lock-on as she reappears somewhere else on the screen. This attack isn’t dangerous on its own, but she can follow this up with another move before you even get a chance to find her again!

Dark Void

Sera fires a black energy ball at you, which opens up a black hole wherever it lands. Once it lands, it can pull you towards it, and getting stuck in it heavily impairs your movement, thus making it a lot harder to avoid her other, more dangerous moves. Stay as far away from this one as possible!

Good Weapons to Use

Shining Laser

This is pretty much a given here. There’s really no real strategy here, just point and shoot. Sera’s health will drain fairly quickly with this weapon, so just be careful and keep firing.

Hyper Shell

This really isn’t a bad choice in terms of weapons. It does a decent amount of damage and can hit her 2nd form from anywhere on the screen. It can also be used to disable all of the bombs that her Gravity Stomp produces if timed right.

Homing Missile

Nothing wrong with this one, provided you can afford the upgrades. Infinite Energy is a huge bonus, and the missiles do a rather nice amount of damage to Sera as well. You also have the benefit of firing this while moving, which is a huge plus!


This is probably the most interesting one of all, but also one of the most expensive. If you hit Sera with one of these babies, her health will drain VERY quickly. Just be sure not to miss; the recharge time is pretty long.


Sera fights with a pattern similar to Juno’s, but she’s a lot meaner. Some of her techniques are downright cheap, and only the toughest weapons are capable of doing any real damage to her. Healing items are essential here, as well as a good weapon. Sera’s tough, but she can be beaten!

She does her job as the final boss quite well, although I wish she didn’t do that cheap laser stuff in her 2nd form. Not a bad boss overall, but I often find myself hating this fight more than enjoying it. I give this boss a 8/10!


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