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Servbot Mole

48 (B), 64 (A), 80 (S)


Servbot Moles can be a real pest when dealing with Tiesel, as they’ll often distract you by causing you to focus your lock-on on them, losing sight of the real opponent. These little mechs are quite small, running on treads an armed with a single drill. These little guys will pop out of the sand, trying to run Megaman over, often attacking in groups of 2 or 3.

They can also jump as well, trying to knock you off of the platforms in the arena. They explode when they collide with something, be it Megaman himself, an ally, or an object.

Dealing With It

These little drills can be shot, but it’s often not worth it as they don’t even bother to drop anything (too bad you can’t kick Servbots for free health like before). Dodging them is key, as is knowing how to ignore them and focus on the Blitzkrieg itself. Be very cautious of these guys when sniping at Tiesel with the Buster Cannon, because it’s very easy to be whacked by a drill when locking-on to something.

Coming In For A Landing

These guys do help to add to the challenge of the fight, but I found them just plain annoying for the most part, especially when considering the fact that the sand impairs your mobility. I’d have to give these little monsters a 5/10!

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