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Shadow Armor


The Shadow Armor was one of the 2 new armors that debuted in Megaman X6. The Armor is seen as the spiritual successor to the Gaea Armor. The difference is that instead of focusing on pure power, the Shadow Armor is given an array of mobility options as well. The trend of using a unique color scheme stays, however. In contrast to the usually white and blue motif given to X’s armors, the Shadow Armor uses a distinctly a black and gold design.

What it Does

The Shadow Armor is one of two armors that does not allow X to use any of his special weapons whatsoever. Instead it gives X a new host of abilities. Most notably of these is the changes to X’s mobility. For starters, X gains the ability to walk on spikes, allowing X to access areas that he normally couldn’t visit safely. X does not slide down walls when climbing them, as he sticks to them, allowing him to fire and slash from a single position. While X cannot air-dash, he can now stick to ceilings for a limited time using a special high jump. During this duration X can fire on his enemies in a 3-way spread from above, as well as ceiling dash.

X also gains some useful offensive abilities with this armor. His buster shots aren’t any more powerful, instead gaining a shuriken look and firing in 3 directions randomly a la the Crescent Shot in X5. The Z-Saber slash gains a startup speed reduction, allowing X to attack with it quicker. His charge shot becomes a large and powerful crescent slash. It is worth noting that the tip of the charged slash has special properties, allowing you to activate Dynamo’s weak spot despite not using Meteor Rain. The armor part naturally reduces the damage X receives, and also stores energy for the Shadow Armor’s giga attack. This technique causes 2 large crescents to circle around X for a couple of seconds while X remains stationary and invincible. This technique deals massive damage on bosses, even doing over 50% to Sigma’s final form!

Coming In For A Landing

If anything else, this is without a doubt the best-looking piece of equipment that X has worn in his entire career. It diverts nicely from the usual design without going too far. Functionally, the armor definitely pulls its weight with it’s exceptional damage output and great mobility. Close-range or long-range the Shadow Armor has options. The only real problem this armor faces is a couple of jumps that it has trouble making, like everyone’s favorite gap in Gate’s Lab 2. This isn’t a problem with the armor so much as it is X6’s terrible stage design rearing its ugly head, but it’s definitely a problem.

Overall, I really can’t say anything bad about the Shadow Armor. Sure, 85% of its resources are jacked from Crescent Grizzly (right down to the sprites), but the armor really puts them to good use. It also gives the most satisfying beatdown to High Max, which is always a plus. Just do yourself a favor and don’t equip Ultimate Buster when using this, the ceiling shots are too fun to pass up. The Shadow Armor gets a perfect 10!


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