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MML1: 672, 2048 (large)
MML2: 88 (B), 128 (A), 190 (S) [Red], 156 (B), 230 (A), 255 (S) [Green]

(Artwork courtesy of B-R-E-T of MMLS forums)


Sharukurusu is one of the more recognizable reaverbots from the series, especially given the fact that it’s the only one that’s appeared in all 3 games! These rather dangerous guys generally patrol the area, pacing back and forth, until an intruder (that’d be you) is spotted. At that point they’ll come charging after you, lunging their spiraling claws into you when they get close enough. They often attack in tandem with other reavers, be it their own species or another altogether.

These reavers also come in different flavors, although they all act the same. Their larger, more pinkish cousins appear in both the Sub-cities of Kattelox as well as in a pair, functioning as the guardian(s) of the Refractor in Kito Caverns. Some of these even appear in the final fight against Lex Loath and the Colossus in the Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Again, they may be larger and have more HP (and possibly attacking power), but the behavior is pretty much the same. The other, more infamous variation on Sharukurusu is the cloaking variety that appears in Lake Jyun’s main ruin. These guys stay invisible until they spot you, in which case they will proceed to rush you. I’m pretty sure that this has caught everyone who ever played MML1 off guard, especially since they placed one on the upper level right next to a treasure chest…

Dealing With It

Sharukurusu are best taken out from a distance, where they pose less of an immediate threat. Any long range weapon will do, provided that you haven’t been spotted yet, of course, in which case the basic circling maneuver will do. Interestingly enough, if you get out of their line of sight, Sharukurusu have to re-do the animation before charging at you (try this on the S-License Test). If one does rush at you, a simple jump should get you out of harm’s way.

As for their invisible brethren, the best and IMO most hilarious way of dealing with them is the use the Shield Arm. As soon as you hear footsteps, just put the shield up and watch them helplessly smack it! Just like bugs on a windshield! At that point you can use your buster to finish the job.

Coming In For A Landing

Sharukurusu was a pretty cool reaverbot, and even over time it still proved to be quite challenging to deal with. The whole design was pretty great too, as there are very few reaverbots that attack with that kind of speed and power, so it’s a nice change from the usual stuff you deal with in the ruins. The whole ‘cloaking’ thing in Lake Jyun was done very well, I might add. Honestly, I can’t think of any real downsides to these guys, so Sharukurusu gets a solid 10!

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