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Skekuten is one of the first reaverbots encountered on Kattelox Island. It’s quite small, bearing three legs and an antenna in addition to the trademark eye. Like the majority of reavers, Shekuten “activates” when you come into the room where it resides, walking slowly towards you. Once it’s gotten close to you, it will begin to flash red, and will proceed to self-destruct, hoping to take you out in a fiery blaze of glory! At least that’s what it wants to do anyway; the explosion is rather weak, and these reaverbots are of a very minor annoyance. To make things more annoying, they rarely leave zenny, and what they do leave is pretty sad.

Dealing With It

Honestly, there’s nothing to really fear from this reaverbot. You can choose to ignore these guys and run past them, or you can kick them if they get too close. These guys are better off left alone, though, as there’s really no point to killing these things.

Coming In For A Landing

In the end, Shekuten’s a really pathetic reaverbot that’s pretty much in the same zone as Foo-roo in terms of effectiveness. For what it’s worth, they can deflect bullets ‘Mettaur-style’ when they’re deactivated, but it really doesn’t hamper you at all. At the very least it’s harder to kill than Foo-roo (not by much, though). This little guy gets a 1/10.

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