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Shoebafun hides out in Sal Kada’s Ruins as well as Elysium, and is the bane of pretty much every Legends 2 player, waiting in pre-determined spots to catch unsuspecting diggers off guard.

This guy waits beneath the ground, waiting for someone to step on it. When this happens, it quickly surfaces and proceeds to use it’s body to drain the life out of anyone who dared to tread on it. They prefer to hang out in hallways, but some of them hang out in open rooms as well, particularly the Elysium variety. This can be particularly dangerous because they can hold you down while another reaver gets a free shot in. I must also note that they are quite creepy looking; scared the stuffing out of me when I was a kid.

Dealing With It

Getting these things out of you hair is more of a proactive effort than a reactive one, as staying near walls is a guaranteed way to avoid these buggers. However, some quick reflexes are also a good way to avoid being drained. When you activate one of these reavers, yellow lines begin to rise up from the ground. Jumping or rolling at this very moment will get you out of harm’s way. Although part of the reaver is exposed when you are jumping, shooting it will still prove futile, as it is completely invincible. Should you get caught, mashing the jump button will get you out of Shoebafun’s clutches.

Coming In For A Landing

I honestly don’t like these things. On one hand, having a booby trapped ruin does give it a more realistic feel, but we already had Mimic for that job. These things get pretty annoying, especially the whole minefield of oddly-colored ones outside of the Master’s House. I give Shoebafun a 5/10.

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