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17 (B), 31 (A), 80 (S) [Forbidden Island]
34 (B), 80 (A), 128 (S) [Calinca]


Snowlbit is found only in cold areas, such as Forbidden Island and Calinca Ruins, where they can be seen popping out of the ground and relentlessly attacking any digger they come across.

These reavers are quite aggressive, hopping around at an impressive speed and stopping only to fire shockwaves. They only attack in groups, and are also capable of popping up in different spots on the ground. Interestingly enough, these reavers are the only ones that I know of who can actually break free from the Lifter’s grip. Note that you will actually be damaged if this happens to you, which is IMO the funniest way to be KO’d in this game.

Dealing With It

Some well placed buster shots are the best way to take these guys out. Thir quick movement sometimes makes this difficult, and the lowered visibility on Forbidden Island doesn’t help much when it comes to their shockwaves as well. You can throw them, but you have to be very quick or they will break free. They don’t require too many shots to take out, though, as they are quite frail.

Coming In For A Landing

Overall, I liked these little guys. They pretty much personified the ‘intense’ nature of Forbidden Island, and kept you on your toes. I give these guys a 9/10!

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