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Spread Buster

(MML1 Version)

Made from the Antique Book, Old Launcher, and Arm Supporter, the Spread Buster is a pretty useful weapon that you get later on in your adventures on Kattelox Island. Total costs add up to 249,000z, making this the fourth most expensive weapon in the game. Despite being an energy hog, it’s quite useful and underrated.

The Spread Buster fires multiple grenades (similar to the ones the Grand Grenade fires) forward. Anything standing in front of you when you fire this is pretty much wrecked; the closer you are to your opponent, the more damage you do. This is easily one of the most powerful weapons in the game when used correctly, as very few enemies will survive the impact of multiple grenades. It’s also useful for hitting multiple opponents simultaneously. Using Free Look correctly, you can nail quite a few bots in one shot. You can also opt to fire straight up; grenades will rain from the sky and cover quite a large area. It’s a pretty amusing sight.

This weapon really doesn’t have many downsides. It does take up quite a bit of energy, so you have to use it sparingly. However, it’s nice range and power make it worth carrying a Hyper Cartridge around if you need it. You can’t move while firing it, so you really have to be careful about where you fire this. Its recovery time is better than thrown weapons though, so you’re not in too much danger if you miss. Aside from the fact that you get it late, there really isn’t anything that holds it back.

Overall, you have a pretty destructive weapon that is pretty solid, particularly in close quarters. The Spread Buster gets a 9/10 from me!

(MML2 Version)

Crafted from the Sower and Spreadfire Notes, the Spread Buster is relatively cheap, as 249,000z isn’t much at all. The most expensive cost is the Special rating, which simply allows you to fire 5 shots instead of the usual 3. You get this around the time you hit Saul Kada, give or take, and upgrading it really isn’t too bad.

With this equipped, Megaman fires 3 (or 5) shots that fan out horizontally. This is pretty nice for taking out rows of enemies, and the fact that you can move while firing it gives it a lot of points as far as versatility goes. You can also simply walk up to an enemy and shoot them point-blank, so that they’ll take all 5 hits at once. This actually hurts quite a bit, although depending on the situation, it can be pretty hard to do so.

The damage this thing does is pretty low in terms of a single shot, so you may want to use your buster in those situations. The versatility of this weapon makes it a surprisingly nice weapon for taking out Midosu. Although you won’t be piling on damage quickly, it does allow you to hit 2 or 3 jellyfish at the same time while letting you focus on avoiding their attacks. The point-blank strategy works nicely on larger bosses when they are vulnerable to it. You get a rather nice amount of energy as well, although you have to be careful not to get too reckless, or you’ll find yourself using a Hyper Cartridge earlier than you anticipated.

Honestly, this weapon really isn’t that bad. It’s great in cases where you find yourself overrun by enemies, and it’s useful for some bosses as well as trying to hit speedy/agile reavers. It’s pretty bad in certain situations, though, so knowing when and where to use it goes a long way. I give this one a 7.5/10.

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