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80 (B), 128 (A), 255 (S)


Sukaritt’s appearance is pretty feminine, looking a lot like a woman in a pink dress (complete with somewhat of a mock hairstyle). It tends to “skate” around whatever room it may be in, generally minding its own business. However, once it detects zenny dropped from another reaver in the area, it makes a rather distinct cry and dashes towards it, hopefully grabbing all of the loot before you can.

This can honestly be a blow, especially if the reaver in question drops a rather nice amount of zenny that you’d like to have. To make matters worse, the reaverbot’s “dress” reflects buster shots and other smaller projectiles as well, which can be a burden. Rushing to grab zenny before it does isn’t the smartest idea either, as there’s a rather large chance that you’ll get smacked in the process.

Dealing With It

There are a few ways to deal with this thing. First and foremost, the Vacuum Arm completely kills this reaver’s potential to steal zenny, as you’ll have easily grabbed your loot and been on your merry way before Sukaritt even gets a chance to move in.

The Lifter makes for a nice second option, seeing as Sukaritt is invulnerable to buster shots. You can simply throw it onto another reaver, killing it and possibly the reaver you threw it at. The only problem with this method is that Sukaritt moves in such an awkward manner that grabbing it is a chore in itself.

Of course, should you have a piercing weapon like the Homing Missle or Buster Cannon (Hyper Shell will most likely miss), you can knock it out easily.

Coming In For A Landing

You know those people who run to pick up dropped change (that’s not theirs) as soon as they hear it hit the ground? That pretty much describes Sukaritt right there. What interests me is the fact that they rely on their comrades’ destruction; usually most reavers tend to work in tandem with each other to destroy intruders, but these guys (girls?) have their own agenda, scavenging off of the remains of other ‘bots to stay alive. Reaverbots are certainly interesting creatures.

I give these things an 8/10! Annoying, yes, but also kind of interesting in the way they operate.

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