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Does the Legends Series Really Need a Charge Shot?

Mega Man Legends’ charge shot (or the absence of it) is one of the most talked about gameplay nuances in the series. In this piece, I’d like to dig deeper and discuss implications of this oft-requested feature. Buster Breakdown The Mega Man franchise has had many spinoffs, but one thing has remained a constant between […]

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How was I supposed to know that?

The Legends 2 Remake Wishlist: Core and Aesthetics

With the Legends 1 remake articles out of the way, we now give attention to the sequel. As with the last game, we start examing improvements made to the core and visuals of the game. General Core Changes Major glitches fixed. Self-explanatory. Re-balanced Difficulty/License System. In the current Mega Man Legends 2 release, they difficulty system is handled […]

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(Screenshot courtesy of Kobun20)

The Legends Remake Wishlist – Gameplay (MML1)

  Continuing the series on reworking the first Legends game, we focus this installment on gameplay. Unlike the first article, this one will go more into detail on specific instances that can be reworked. Tearing Down the Wall Most of the ruin design in Mega Man Legends is solid, but there’s one glaring Achilles heel. In Clozer […]

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The Legends Remake Wishlist: Core and Aesthetics

The Mega Man Legends games are great, and I’d love to see them ported to newer consoles (not counting the existing PSOne Classics ports). This series of articles is going to discuss what elements I would change in a remake/remaster of the games. Note that the goal here isn’t fundamentally changing the games, rather adding […]

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Legends Never Die

The news that MML3 has been cancelled has no doubt been a real shock to fans of the series. I’ve intentionally waited a day before really saying anything substantial on this issue, as letting my head clear goes a long way to keeping me from saying something I might regret. Now that I’ve got a […]

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Why X May Have Been Left Out of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

The Megaman franchise is no doubt in questionable shape right now. Among other events such as the cancellation of Megaman Legends 3 and Megaman Universe, the exclusion of Megaman from popular fighting game Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has got many fans in an uproar. In particular, Megaman X seems to be the popular iteration […]

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Special Weapons Tier List – MML1

Since I did one for Legends 2, it seemed only appropriate to do one for the prequel as well. I will admit that the MML1 weapons are a little harder to rank because the game by nature isn’t as linear, but it’s certainly doable. With that out of the way: Tier Ranking Special Weapon(s) S […]

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