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HP: 640 (B), 1024 (A), 1600 (S)

Glyde Drache Ace

This review features the quacktastic Glyde Drache Ace! Overview With Nino’s defenses constantly repelling Glyde’s army, Glyde’s expies of Huey, Dewey, and Louie gear up for attack. While Glyde Drache Ace shares the same body as the regular Glyde Draches, it sports a unique color scheme. This elite mech features improved durability along with the machine guns of […]

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Servbot Mole

Overview Servbot Moles can be a real pest when dealing with Tiesel, as they’ll often distract you by causing you to focus your lock-on on them, losing sight of the real opponent. These little mechs are quite small, running on treads an armed with a single drill. These little guys will pop out of the […]

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^Yes, I know it’s spelled Blitzkrieg. 😛 Overview The Bonnes have taken over Kimotoma City, and it’s up to you to liberate the town and nab the key before they get to it! Tiesel guards the ruin entrance with his new mech, the Blitzkrieg. It holds the city’s priceless (not really) statue, in hopes that […]

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Balcon Gelede

Overview After taking out dozens of Zuuf Geleidos and Draches, the Bonnes unveil their newest creation, the Balcon Gelede, Built for combat on water, this vessel outclasses the little boat you happen to be using, and packs multiple weapons ready to annihilate any would-be attacker. Luckily for you, the game gives you the option to […]

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Overview After you’ve retrieved the necessary refractor from Clozer Woods and are making your way back to Cardon Forest, the Bonnes decide to attack you. Roll tries to hide behind the clouds, but the rather large ship on your tail is easily giving pursuit, so Megaman decides to stand on top of the Flutter and […]

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Gemeinschaft (Bonne Car)

Overview Glyde’s been “eliminated” after his defeat at the hands of Megaman, so now it’s time for the Bonnes to have a turn. Compared to Glyde’s car, the Bonnes’ car is far less armed, having only one real weapon. Suffice it to say, the Bonnes are having a bit of financial trouble, and thus have […]

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Gemeinschaft (Glyde Car)

Overview The Bonnes and Glyde have teamed up to try and get the last key. Their newest creation, the Gemeinschaft (a.k.a. Gomoncha), is a high-speed train that has a car for both Glyde and the Bonnes. Glyde’s car is the first one Megaman faces, and it certainly packs more firepower that the Bonnes’, more than […]

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Overview The scenario is pretty much the same as it was in Legends 1, you have to stop someone from activating the Carbon Reinitialization Program, which will decimate all of the Carbons on Terra (or at least Kattelox!). Sera, however, would like to settle an old score with you, having held a grudge against you […]

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Mega Man Juno

Overview Megaman Juno is bent on “purifying” the island of Kattelox, which means wiping out every Carbon on the island. Not wanting this to happen, Megaman Volnutt is bent on defeating him and saving the people of the island. Juno has an eerily calm manner, and always smiles, even on the brink of death. Juno […]

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Overview Galgalfummi may be the first guardian of the four keys that Megaman encounters, but he’s certainly no pushover! After he’s eaten the key that you need to accomplish this mission, you find that you’re going to have to get it back the hard way. This reaverbot’s attacks are quite varied, as there are a […]

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