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HP: 640 (B), 1024 (A), 1600 (S)

Glyde Drache Ace

This review features the quacktastic Glyde Drache Ace! Overview With Nino’s defenses constantly repelling Glyde’s army, Glyde’s expies of Huey, Dewey, and Louie gear up for attack. While Glyde Drache Ace shares the same body as the regular Glyde Draches, it sports a unique color scheme. This elite mech features improved durability along with the machine guns of […]

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(Screenshot courtesy of Mega Man Legends Station) Overview This review covers Glyde’s flying mech, Zimmerman! If Glyde Draches are analogous to the Bonnes’ Draches, Zimmerman is the avian cousin of the City Hall bombing Horunisse. These mechs work to assault and seige Nino Island for its Key, bringing Birdbots into the fray to storm the […]

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Gemeinschaft (Glyde Car)

Overview The Bonnes and Glyde have teamed up to try and get the last key. Their newest creation, the Gemeinschaft (a.k.a. Gomoncha), is a high-speed train that has a car for both Glyde and the Bonnes. Glyde’s car is the first one Megaman faces, and it certainly packs more firepower that the Bonnes’, more than […]

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(Artwork courtesy of B-R-E-T of MMLS forums) Overview Birdbots are pretty much Glyde’s versions of the Servbots. Like the Servbots, they’re quite numerous, and often pilot many of Glyde’s other machines. However, while Servbots are less combat-oriented on their own and only attack under special circumstances (like the bomb-tossing ones in Kimotoma), Birdbots are far […]

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