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Vacuum Arm

In the first Legends game, the Vacuum Arm is crafted from three parts, the Broken Motor, Broken Propeller and Broken Cleaner. With a relatively cheap total upgrade cost of 10,500z, you won’t be stressed for cash trying to upgrade this thing. In Legends 2, the weapon is made from the Broken Motor and Broken Vacuum. […]

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Blade Arm

The Blade Arm is a fairly popular weapon. It’s actually the only other close-range weapon outside of the Drill Arm. While getting in close can be risky business, often times the reward can be worth it. In the first Legends game, the Blade Arm was crafted from two items; a toy Zetsabre won by beating […]

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Ground Crawler

In this review we take a look at the Ground Crawler, one of the more *ahem* striking weapons in Legends 2. (I know, that was horrible.) Price Tag Crafted from a Bowling Ball and a Rusted Mine, the Ground Crawler is one of the most economical weapons in the game. Upgrade costs stack up to […]

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Overview Amistal’s a pretty peculiar reaverbot. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a purple, spherical, rotating blob that’s doing nothing but taking up space. This blob has no attacks of its own, instead relying on a unique method of defense: Whenever an intruder comes within a certain range, this reaverbot will […]

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Overview Tall and rather strange-looking, Fingerii appears many times throughout the course of Megaman Legends 2. While in most cases they are clearly visible in a room, the ones in Calbania Plains pop right out of the ground, which is a startling sight the first time you see it. Fingerii, like many reaverbots, is very […]

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Overview Golbesh first appeared in the original Megaman Legends game, best described as the reaverbot counterpart to the Sniper Joes of the Classic series. As such, these reaverbots remain mostly stationary and are seen holding rather large shields. They come in two different color varieties (gold and silver), but their behavior remains the same. Their […]

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Overview Mamoo’s certainly an intimidating fellow, first seen on the rather turbulent Forbidden Island. These guys appear from what seem to be harmless mounds of snow, and proceed to attack Megaman. Despite their size, Mamoo are actually quite fast, as they will charge you the second they get lined up. Should they miss, they’ll simply […]

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Overview Koni’s a pretty small reaverbot that’s only found in the blazing ruins of Saul Kada. These reaverbots are only seen a few times in a few select rooms in the ruin, as well as making an appearance when you first reach said ruin. They tend to loiter about in a couple of rooms when […]

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Overview Foo-roo are pretty small, and have a tendency to gather in numbers. They just tend to float there, minding their own business (whatever that may be), until an intruder is spotted. Should that happen, the little guys will follow said intruder until they get close enough, in which case they will proceed to explode, […]

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Overview The dragonfly-like Jakkos are first seen in MML1, not too far into Cardon Ruins. They initially reside in nests, coming out if approached or if their nest takes enough damage. Like a good number of other reavers, they too prefer to hang in packs, often ganging up on you in tandem with their own […]

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