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Vacuum Arm

In the first Legends game, the Vacuum Arm is crafted from three parts, the Broken Motor, Broken Propeller and Broken Cleaner. With a relatively cheap total upgrade cost of 10,500z, you won’t be stressed for cash trying to upgrade this thing. In Legends 2, the weapon is made from the Broken Motor and Broken Vacuum. […]

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Blade Arm

The Blade Arm is a fairly popular weapon. It’s actually the only other close-range weapon outside of the Drill Arm. While getting in close can be risky business, often times the reward can be worth it. In the first Legends game, the Blade Arm was crafted from two items; a toy Zetsabre won by beating […]

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Ground Crawler

In this review we take a look at the Ground Crawler, one of the more *ahem* striking weapons in Legends 2. (I know, that was horrible.) Price Tag Crafted from a Bowling Ball and a Rusted Mine, the Ground Crawler is one of the most economical weapons in the game. Upgrade costs stack up to […]

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Spread Buster

(MML1 Version) Made from the Antique Book, Old Launcher, and Arm Supporter, the Spread Buster is a pretty useful weapon that you get later on in your adventures on Kattelox Island. Total costs add up to 249,000z, making this the fourth most expensive weapon in the game. Despite being an energy hog, it’s quite useful […]

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Normal Arm

The Normal Arm is the only weapon you can use in and out of battle situations. You can’t upgrade it whatsoever, and you have it on you at all times. You can choose to go without weapons at all, and only use this, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really love a challenge (or […]

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Active Buster

Made from a lone Guidance Unit, the Active Buster is the most expensive weapon in Megaman Legends. Boasting a total cost of 1,740,000z, it definitely breaks the bank. This is something that you get mid-to-end game, but it certainly has its uses. The Active Buster fires homing missiles, which track better depending on how well […]

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Grand Grenade

This weapon is made only from a single part: a Bomb Schematic. This item can be found rather easily; it’s in the chest in Barrel’s room. (What was he doing with it? ) You don’t get this weapon too late in the game, which means you can use in a nice number of situations. Money-wise, […]

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Powered Buster

This weapon fires a single shot that travels a certain distance and explodes. It also explodes on contact with enemies, walls, or other obstacles. This weapon has some pretty nice range, and you can even snipe with it if you choose to do so. The firing motion for this weapon is rather slow, so its […]

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