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40 (B), 40 (A), 120 (S)


Tarble’s quite the interesting little fellow. This petite reaver comes in two varieties, one that rides a spinning blade and one that stays on the ground. Both varieties are more on the offensive side of the spectrum. The grounded ones remain still until an intruder is spotted, in which case they will make a mad dash towards their target, inflicting damage. Should they miss, they will smack the nearest wall, afterward lying in confusion for a few seconds as they regain their senses. The variety that rides the spinning blades fire an energy shot from their mouth as rather quick intervals. These variety come in groups and use their strength in numbers to overpower their target.

Dealing With It

As if their small size wasn’t any indication, Tarble (the grounded variety) are easily grabbable with the Lifter, and can be tossed at its companions for a quick knockout. You can also just opt to let them smack the walls first if you want an even easier opportunity…or a quick chuckle.

The bladed variety are a little tougher to deal with, as their shots can cover a lot of ground, making it hard for you to get a clean shot in. Focusing on them one at a time with the Buster is the most effective way to make it through with minimal damage. If you have a more damaging weapon like the Homing Missile, Ground Crawler, or Buster Cannon on you, even better.

Coming In for a Landing

Tarble admittedly was not very memorable. While watching them crashing into the wall while wailing is fairly amusing, these reaverbots did not really serve any other purpose. They only appear in one ruin and are never seen again, which is kind of a shame. Our little friend Tarble gets a 3/10.

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