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The Team Style (known as Brother Style in Japan) was among the original arsenal of Style Changes introduced in MMBN2, the other being Guts, Custom, Shield, and Hub. Team Style had a distinct appearance, changing the design of Megaman’s helmet a bit, as well as redesigning the lines on his chest a bit. True to its name, the Team Style focused on using NaviChips; in MMBN2, it allowed you to have a whopping 8 NaviChips in your folder, which was great if your folder had a particular Navichip to exploit. Of course, you’d have to remove the 3 extra chips if you wanted to change back (no cheating here!). Battle Network 3 only allowed you to add one extra MegaChip, but at the same time, the newly invented Navi Customizer allowed you to add parts that gave you even more Mega Chips to hold in your folder. This was nice because Megachips weren’t limited to just Navis; there were a quite a few other chips in BN3 that could be made useful given the extra space you now had for them, such as Navi +40(!).

Speaking of the Navi Customizer, the Team Style was quite acclimated with green blocks, which it dropped, in the form of MegaFolder1 and 2, both increasing the capacity of Mega Chips you could hold. This gave it a natural inclination towards Ground Style programs, which were the same verdant color. This allowed for some interesting strategy to take place. For instance, you could place SetIce in your customizer, and use the added space to take advantage of Flashman’s chip, which stunned opponents in addition to the shock you were giving them. The same could be done with SetGreen and Flameman. The style also gave you room to place the powerful Master Style P.A., which normally took up 4/5 slots, while at the same time having room for NaviChips.

The best Element to use with Team Style would have to be Elec, in my opinion. The slow-charging Zap-ring is pretty useful for holding opponents down so that you can properly aim your chips and nail your opponents. Used properly, you could do quite a bit of damage in a short time.

As far as downsides go, the lack of available custom slots hurts team style a bit, although the ever-useful add button seems to remedy this to some extent. In net-battles, chips like Anti-Navi and the Beat program are going to mess you up pretty badly as well, so you have to be wary of these tactics. Custom Style seems to be a lot better at chip combos than Team is, as Team Style relies solely on high-class chips as far as abilities go, so the custom menu often gets clogged when you don’t need it to be due to lack of space, and although the aforementioned add button is there, you really don’t want to throw away potential combos, do you?

Overall, Team Style is useful (and the original inspiration for my username [AquaTeamV3]), but you have to rather cautious when using it, as there’s a lot that can shoot it in the foot if you’re not careful. Overall, the Team Style gets a 7.5/10 from me!


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