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The Legends 2 Remake Wishlist: Core and Aesthetics

With the Legends 1 remake articles out of the way, we now give attention to the sequel. As with the last game, we start examing improvements made to the core and visuals of the game.

General Core Changes

  • Major glitches fixed. Self-explanatory.
  • Re-balanced Difficulty/License System. In the current Mega Man Legends 2 release, they difficulty system is handled in a couple of ways. The first is done through the license test system. The player starts out with Normal Mode, and can take digging tests to boost them to an A-License (a bridge between Normal and Hard), or S-License (Hard Mode). The player can beat the game with a B/A License to unlock Hard Mode, which is just you starting from the beginning of the game with an S-License. This is redundant, as you can nab an S-License as soon as you put the fire out on the Flutter. The fix for this would be to remove the option for Hard Mode, making the S-License test the only way you experience this mode. This, in turn, would also affect the next change:
  • Tweaks to Hard Mode (previously Very Hard). With MML2’s original Hard Mode scrapped, the pre-existing Very Hard Mode would take its place. This gives the difficulty setting its own identity, and you’d still have to earn it by clearing the game with an S-License. This mode would be tweaked as well; enemies and bosses aren’t buffed with more HP, instead, receiving new attacks and patterns to force you to approach the same stages differently. This ups the challenge factor without making some of the weaker equipment further weaker because it takes you even longer to actually kill things.
  • Pokte Quiz Questions Updated. The quiz questions would center more on things that deal with the actual game as opposed to random trivia. Remember those quiz NPCs from the Battle Network series? Questions like those which are based on observing surroundings and game mechanics would work wonderfully.

How was I supposed to know that?

Image courtesy of Mega Man Legends Station

  • New Game Plus available. This would enable the player to start a new game with all of the zenny that they’ve gained in their playthrough. You can replay the story while not having to grind as hard during the beginning stages.
  • Boss Battle Mode available. After beating the game once, allow the player to fight any boss in the game with any weapon of their choice. Great for testing out newer equipment on older bosses.
  • Fully customizable controls. Currently, the game has a clever feature where, if you want to change your controls, you take a quiz hosted by none other than Data. He asks you what kinds of games you’ve played before, and assigns you a control scheme. This is kinda neat so I want to keep it, but I’d add a “custom” option that allows the player to set up individual buttons how they like. Options are a good thing.
  • Weapon price re-balancing. This version of the game would use the weapon upgrade prices from the PSP version. For those unfamiliar, the PSP version of the game slashed the prices of quite a few weapons, along with making the overpowered Ground Crawler slightly harder to max out. These changes go a long way with making the game feel far less ‘grind-y’, and allowing you to experiment with more equipment.
  • Nino Ruins slowdown fixed. Like the PSP version, the slowdown in Nino Ruins is fixed, making the ruin far less of a drudge to get through. Underwater sections now feel like the low-gravity sections on Elysium.

Aesthetic Changes

  • Updated visuals scaled to 1080p. Upscale the look of the game and smooth out some of the rough edges. Pretty straightforward.

Feel free to leave a comment about the changes below! Would you add or subtract any changes, or does everything sound fine? Tune in next time where we’ll discuss some deeper gameplay changes for MML2!

sig~Buster Cannon


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